To truly be successful in any line of work, you’ve got to honestly believe in what it is that you’re doing. Are you involved in work that is somehow beneficial to others? Are you spending the majority of your week performing in a field that’s satisfying and gratifying in addition to producing a paycheck?

Do you want to get out of bed in the morning?

Many impressive resumes pass through the Walrath Recruiting office. We essentially get to know a person on paper, read about his or her experience and wide array of skills and accomplishments, and cannot wait to pick up the phone and “meet” for the first time. It’s this initial phone contact that, as short and simple as it may be, can reveal one’s enthusiasm for a possible job opportunity. Of course, there are many who are stressed, tired, and feeling stretched extremely thin in the state of the economy we’re in – I am always quick to hear this in their voice, and recognize it as a result of an exhausting job search. In the instance that one of our staff members speaks with an applicant who is happy to hear from us yet expresses a disinterest or dissatisfaction with the specific opportunity we’ve presented is a little more difficult to understand. From time to time, we communicate with individuals who are satisfied with the pay, but just can’t seem to stomach the thought of working in a particular field they’ve been in for several years.

This is when we take off our recruiting hat and put on the career counseling, and in some case, therapist, hat.

We want job candidates to be enthusiastic. We want them to feel great about what they’re dedicating their worklife to each day, and we need them to be inspired, motivated, and excited to begin a new position, otherwise they’re hard to market. If the spark isn’t there, we simply can’t do our very best to ensure that both the candidate and client are happy.

Do you believe in what you’re doing right now? If not, you’ve got to find that spark!