Meghan SullivanShe recruits, specializing in the Engineering and Construction industries, and she’s a Siena Graduate with a background in Management.  What else does one really need to know about Meghan Sullivan?

For starters, that she’s a very warm and friendly individual. More than just a face at Walrath Recruiting, she’s an important part of how the company succeeds – she’s a valuable contact if you’re on the job market, and a great recruiter if you’re a business owner seeking that next remarkable addition to your company.  Meghan is someone you can get to know, and trust. She’s an approachable person who is happy to help carve out professional / career needs for anyone who’s seeking that type of service.

We often find that individuals are a little apprehensive about reaching out to recruiting firms. Connecting on LinkedIn or sending an email is easy for applicants and organizations who are teasing the idea of working with a recruiting firm, but aren’t yet ready to establish a more solid relationship. What often happens is, following that first actual phone conversation or face-to-face meeting, others are much more at ease in terms of working with a recruiter.  While we don’t have all of the answers when it comes to careers, professional development and the economy, we want you to trust in us. We want you to get to know us – and the more you understand who we are (beyond titles, credentials, and experience), the more comfortable you will be. And now, for Meghan:

Originally from Ithaca, Meghan Sullivan is a twenty-something Siena alum who started out at Walrath Recruiting as an intern. Prior to her internship, Meghan worked at summer camps, restaurants as a hostess, and a winery. The best part about recruiting, she says, is “getting to know people, not just their professional background but what they really want in a career.”  She’s also interested in furthering her knowledge of various industries, and doesn’t shy away from learning a challenging new position that she’s recruiting for.

Aside from work, Meg loves a good trivia night at Wolf’s 1-11. She de-stresses during happy hour and movie marathons on lazy Sundays. Classic Christmas movies are her faves; White Christmas ranks #1, while Pretty Woman is her favorite non-Christmas themed film.  She loves going on family vacations, and just this past year, attended her first MLB, NFL and NHL games (Yankees, Bills, and Rangers.)

Of course, music is a huge part of her life; Kendrick Lamar, John Legend, and Carrie Underwood Pandora stations are always playing at her desk. This time of year, she blasts Mariah Carey Christmas radio. And if that can’t make her day holly and jolly? A Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich (Number 6, please) does the trick every. Single. Time.