Post it note saying thanks.

We’re almost towards the end of November, when everyone gathers around a table with lots of food beside family and friends to give thanks. Giving thanks allows us to realize everything we value in our lives, and those people who support us. However, being thankful shouldn’t just be done on Thanksgiving. In fact, it could greatly benefit your job search! Today we’ll explain why you should be thankful in your job search, and how it could help you!

The Power of Thanks

The first, and most effective way being thankful can help your job search is thank you notes. When you land a job interview, it means a hiring manager is willing to spend their time determining if you are a good fit for the position. Whether or not they decide to call you back, they’ve still invested time and resources. A candidate who is thankful to be given the opportunity will be well remembered. This is why you should thank them for their time at the end of the interview. You should also follow up with a thank you note.

A thank you note should give thanks, but also bring up something from the interview. Having a callback to an idea or project that was discussed in the interview is great, if possible. For example, if they talked about a problem they had, and you brought up a solution, remind them. If you’re not exactly sure how to word it, look for a basic template online. It’s important to personalize it, and make it genuine. Sending a thank you acts as a reminder of who you are, most likely when they are making the decision of who to follow up with. It may be a small gesture, but it can help your chances!

Thank Your Network

Now we have to talk about networking. It’s a huge element of any job search, since referrals are typically given more consideration than online applicants. If you have an active network, it should benefit your job search prospects. Stay in touch and let them know you are looking. Talk with anyone within your target companies to see if they can help you get your foot in the door.

Networking offers plenty of opportunities that can potentially turn into unemployment. However, it’s important to remember it’s not just a game. By referring you to their employer, people within your network are doing you a huge favor. Not only that, but if you somehow turned out to not be a good fit, it would reflect poorly on them.

So if someone goes out of their way to help you, make sure you are thankful. Whether it’s a mentor, coworker, or old boss, make sure you thank them! Also, if they help you land a job, make sure you do your best work. Still struggling to word your thank you note? Check out this helpful guide from Uptowork that includes 10 examples! Finally, we hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving. Just remember, when it is time to begin your job search, being thankful will go a long way!