If you’ve recently graduated from college, or have little to no career experience, job searching can be intimidating. However, there have been countless individuals that have gone through the same experience and all it takes is some preparation. Starting with your resume. We’re going to share how to craft a resume – without much career-related experience. Check it out.


A great place to emphasize your skills related to a position is in the summary section. When you have little to no experience – it’s important to briefly highlight recent scholastic/volunteer/self-achievements and the skills you used during that time period.


Although experience is important when it comes to getting a job, so are your skills. Start by tailoring your resume to highlight your skills that are specifically related to the position(s) you are applying to. You can review job descriptions and the requirements that are listed – and determine if and how your skills complement those responsibilities.

An example of skills to include would be; time management, ability to work in a fast-paced environment, strong customer service skills, strong written and verbal communication skills, maybe great leadership skills, etc. Then give examples of where you adapted those skills, or at least have them readily available in case they arise during an interview. These skills can portray whether or not you would be a good fit for certain position. So don’t feel shy to list skills that you feel you possess.


When entering the job market having just graduated, recently gone back to school, or do not have a lot of job experience, it is important to include your education near to the top of your resume. Include things such as secondary or postgraduate education, academic projects/ course work and even certificates or classes you took relating to personal development.

Career Related Experience:

This section is normally where you discuss the prior roles you have had throughout your career. Even if you are just starting out in your career, you will have relevant experience that you can include. In this section, include any part-time job you have had, internships, volunteer work, academic extra-curricular experiences, etc. Long-term or short-term these can still portray the type of candidate you are or the potential you have.


What are some things you focus on when writing your resume with little to no career experience? Comment below!