Man on his computer for a remote interview.

Whereas in person interviews seem like crucial moments in the hiring process, remote interviews don’t always carry the same weight. Having a phone interview can sometimes seem like a formality before having the ‘real’ interview. However, that mindset may end up costing you in your job search. Today, we’ll explain why you should take all interviews seriously!

The Stakes Are Still High

First, it’s important to realize that a phone or video interview could also knock you out from the hiring pool. In person interviews usually are utilized to decide between a few candidates later on in the process. Phone and video interviews usually serve as a way to eliminate candidates early on in a quick and efficient manner. So it’s entirely possible that you may be eliminated after a phone or video conversation. Keep this in mind, and let it inform your attitude when approaching any remote interviews.

Doing the appropriate amount of preparation for remote interviews is a great chance for you to stand out. Many candidates prepare, but not to the extent that they should. If you take the extra steps to get ready, it will certainly show. It’s also a wise move because it’s much harder to make a good impression in a remote interview. So taking some extra time to prepare can make a huge difference.

A Lot Can Go Wrong

Another reason you should truly prepare is because there are so many additional variables in play. With an in-person interview, you just have to get in your car, leave, and not be late. With a remote interview, there is a lot of technology involved, that could easily interfere. When preparing for these types of interviews, candidates should absolutely consider outside factors. At the end of this blog, we’ll include links to other articles we’ve written on how to get ready for video and phone interviews respectively.

As we also stated, it can be tough to make a good impression. You don’t have the advantage of face to face interaction. Telling engaging stories and making your experience interesting is much harder to accomplish. If you just wing it, it’s even more likely that it hurts your candidacy. Don’t just prepare to pick up the phone. Take extra steps to prepare. Have the job description, your resume, and some prepared questions out and ready. Small steps like that will help you have a better shot at being memorable.

Preparation Is Crucial

So when we say that you should take them seriously, what do we mean exactly? Well, think about the mindset you have and the preparation you go through for an in-person interview. You probably have done some research on the company, and who you will be meeting with. Of course, you also probably have resumes printed, and some materials packed for taking notes. This same sense of importance should be applied, even when you’re just picking up the phone for an initial conversation.

You should also take steps to make sure you feel ready. Take a shower, dress in professional clothes, and take some time to look at the job description, and any research you’ve done. If you dress well and prepare, you will feel more confident. Getting mentally prepared for remote interviews is a huge step. Many candidates don’t approach them with a sense of seriousness, so this is your chance to stand out. If you’re looking for specific advice, check out our blogs on how you can prepare for phone interviews, and video interviews. We hope this advice helps you approach remote interviews in a different way, and stand out with your confidence and preparedness.