The hiring process is never easy. With varying levels of education and experience scattered among thousands of area job seekers, hiring managers spend a lot of time reviewing resumes and looking for the perfect candidate. Among the sea of applicants are returning veterans, who if given the right opportunity, can help lead a team to great success! We’ve had the pleasure of meeting several returning veterans who have extensive backgrounds in areas such as technology and medical care, well qualified for positions in the region.

This past year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the national unemployment rate among young Veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan rose to 12.7%; in New York, nearly 17%.

With millions of dollars being spent on training our forces, they are ready and deserving of re-entering civilian work life when they return home. A returning Veteran can bring many talents to the table, as they have a deep skill set unlike any other candidate. Because of the the extensive, high-level training that veterans receive, they are able to:

  • tackle work-related obstacles head on and navigate through tasks with sharp problem solving skills.
  • understand the purpose of assigned tasks and complete them efficiently and effectively.
  • approach tasks with positive expectations
  • have confidence in reaching challenging goals.

Returning Veterans are an all-around good choice of hire.  Their leadership abilities and dedication can play a major role in the success of your company or business!

Thank you to those who serve or have served our country.

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