Woman working on a laptop with holiday decorations.

December has a reputation as ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, but some might argue that it is the craziest. Companies are scrambling to prepare for year end, and employees are running around to finish their holiday shopping. Additionally, many employees also take time off and head to warmer climates. This craziness may lead you to believe that it’s a pointless time to apply. While it is a rather busy time of year, it shouldn’t keep you from looking for a new job. We’ll discuss why you shouldn’t halt your search, and the possible benefits of doing so during the holidays.

Don’t Fall Victim to Holiday Laziness

Around the holidays, everyone is typically more relaxed, taking a break from the hectic lifestyle. This isn’t true for everyone, but it is for most. Vacations, days off, and parties all make the holidays feel like a great time to sit back enjoy the season. It’s fairly easy to give into temptation and just kick back and relax. However, if you can resist that urge, it will greatly help your chances. Many other job seekers will decide to relax, and worry about their job search next year. This means competition is particularly low during the holidays.

Most employers will receive a significantly lower number of applications during the holidays, compared to other times of year. So if you are able to get your application in, it will be in a pile that is notably smaller, with less competition. This of course makes it a valuable time to apply. However, it’s also possible that the hiring manager who is recruiting for that position is currently out of the office, or on vacation. However, that possibility can’t discourage you. Companies that are hiring will have hiring needs that persist through the holidays. That vacancy in the organization won’t magically be filled, and they will still be looking for the right candidate.

Seasonal Jobs & Networking

Another advantage of continuing your job search during the holidays is the abundance of seasonal jobs. While the seasonal job offerings may not be exactly what you are looking for, it’s a great way to have a stream of income while continuing your search. It’s also possible that those temporary seasonal jobs could turn into permanent positions, you never know!

The other big benefit of job searching during the holidays is all of the opportunities to network. Holiday parties, family dinners, etc. are all great chances to check in with your network. Don’t be afraid to vocalize your job search and unemployment. Sharing that information may motivate others to mention opportunities to you. You never know what casually mentioning your job search in a conversation could do for you. Referrals are one of the most trusted sources of new hires. Finding a job through an acquaintance will greatly increase your chances of a job offer.

For all of the reasons mentioned above, the holidays are a great time to job search. During the holiday season competition is low, which will help your chances. In the event that your resume doesn’t get any attention during the holidays, make sure you re-apply in the beginning of January. Put in some work, but don’t forget to relax and enjoy the holidays spending time with those important to you.