social media

Social media is not just used for recreational purposes anymore. Employers are using social media to assist with filling job positions! As a candidate looking for a job, this is extremely beneficial to you! Check out how employers are using social media with their hiring process and how you can improve your platforms to land you a job, below!

Online Presence is Key

Did you know, if employers can’t find a candidate online, they’re LESS likely to contact them for an interview? If you’re part of the percentage of American’s who do not have an online presence, keep reading. Without any social media profile, employers have to rely solely on phone calls or emails. Having that next layer of trust with an online profile increases your chances of an employer reaching out.

Candidate Qualifications

Another way employers utilize social media is reviewing candidates qualifications. Employers can develop a general understanding of a candidates qualifications from information posted online. They then use this information to cross-check the online qualifications listed with your resume. If the qualifications don’t align, employers can ask questions regarding them in an interview. So make sure your qualifications match up.

Multiple Platforms are Used

Although LinkedIn is a popular platform for businesses, Facebook is another site employers use. Facebook has descriptive sections such as “work” and “about me” the employers can utilize. The majority of American’s HAVE a Facebook, which also increases the odds of an employer locating a candidate.

How To Benefit From Social Media

One of the most beneficial ways to utilize social media is to audit your accounts. Scan your past posts and discard/archive anything you don’t want viewed anymore or anything inappropriate. Keeping a professional persona is KEY and knowing what content you have that’s being displayed is important in adjusting accordingly.