When you’re brought into an interview there are a series of questions that you’ll run through. This allows the hiring manager or recruiter to better understand you as a potential candidate. They’ll ask questions that relate to your background, your requirements, skills – and in some instances will also be curious to find out about what you are looking for long term. “How does this job fit into your career?” We’re glad you asked.

Why This Question?

This question is not always asked, but it seems to be one that stumps people if they’re not prepared to answer it. A recruiter or hiring manager may ask a question like this one, to fully understand if this position will be a good fit for what you are looking for or if this is just a stepping stone/ temporary plan. So how do you answer?

How to Answer – If You’re Unsure

Even if you’re unsure of the answer to this question, you can still be prepared and give an answer that you are sure of. For example, if you don’t necessarily know how the job will fit into your career/future – you can admit you’re unsure and offer other options that you’re interested in. For example, you can explain that you are looking to explore different industries to gain some experience to further help you determine what you enjoy doing. The hiring manager or recruiter will appreciate the honesty.

If you’re sharing other options that you are interested in, you can say something like “I enjoy problem-solving and managing people, so I think these two skills may align well with the Office Manager position”. By highlighting your skills, you still show experience and reasoning for why you would be a good fit for the job.

How to Answer if You Are Sure

If you’re certain about why you are interested in this position, and it aligns directly with your previous experience, then this answer will take a little less effort.

Lion Cub Job Search shared an example of an answer to this question: “My goal has always been to take on roles of increasing responsibility in the advertising industry. I worked my way up from coordinator, to junior account rep. to Account rep. This job as an Account Manager is the perfect opportunity for me to take that next step and prove myself!” By setting up your answer to show that you not only have worked this into your career but have the confidence that you can take on the challenge given your past experience – the hiring manager or recruiter will feel comfortable knowing that this may be more of a long term commitment for you.