Waiting to hear back from a company on the job decision post-interview is common. But how long should you wait before moving on with your search? We’ve got you covered.

The Average Amount of Time

Although this may not be the answer your looking for, as all industries are different – so is the amount of time it takes to receive feedback. Some companies find and fill positions quickly, other companies have a long process to go through before they hire.

But according to Indeed, there are some statistics that will give you an answer. “44% hear from employers within a few weeks of applying; 37% hear back within one week, and only 4% hear back within one day”.  So, if you’ve had to wait to hear back from a company, or it’s already been a week – understand this is completely normal and understanding why can also help ease the wonder.

The Factors

Multiple Departments

Sometimes a company has multiple departments they must go through before deciding. The candidates will run through the hiring manager, the manager, and even the boss at times – and depending on the position – even the supervisor of that specific division. Taking the time to run these decisions through various departments can slow down the process.

Multiple Candidates

When a company has a position that is either in high demand or that is specified to education and experience – often the number of candidates come into play. Whether there are still interviews needed to be done after your interview, or a pool of candidates that need to be compared and considered. All these factors delay the decision-making process.

The Company Process

The process of the company may play a factor. Like previously states some companies may find and hire candidates quickly. Others may have a protocol to meet, background checks, reference checks and again – running through multiple departments before deciding.

The HR Agenda

Sometimes it’s as simple as the person the company is waiting on making the job decision is unavailable for personal or business reasons. And in any event, will delay their decision.

What to Do While You Wait

In certain situations, continuing your job search will help you stay occupied and proactive. Expand your search if you’ve already exhausted all local companies and consider being open to relocating.

If the process seems to be taking longer than the average amount of time, consider utilizing a recruiting agency with your search. This can increase your chances of finding a position that either may be under the radar or that they have better connections with and help you get your foot in the door.

Follow Up

Utilize the time you are waiting for a decision back post-interview to follow up with the company. Send an email or a phone call following up and asking the process if you haven’t yet.  This will show your interest and set a great impression by following up and thanking the company for meeting with you.


How long have you waited to hear back from a company, and still offered the job? Comment below!