When you begin a job search, salary is one of the first things considered (and rightfully so). Having a job can pay for your living expenses, food, gas, and everything else we need to function and support ourselves. However, it’s easy to get sucked into the frequent chase of more money, sometimes at the cost of finding the right job. Today we’re offering an alternate perspective on where to put your focus in your job search, other than the paycheck.

Seeing $tars

Making sure you’re being compensated appropriately for your experience and skills are a given. However, if you’re chasing pay from job to job, you’ll end up finding yourself unfulfilled with your position. For example, let’s say you’re working a full-time job, 8-hour day, 40-hour work week (minimum). With 52 weeks in a year, that means for every year of your life, you spend 2,080 hours working that job. If you stay in that job for 10 years, you’ll have dedicated 20,800 hours of your life to those responsibilities. Which is a lot of hours to be working solely for a paycheck. The stress that comes with working a job that you don’t love, just for the money is inevitable.

Think Outside the Box

It’s also important to not lose sight of other aspects of the job. Other things to consider are benefits, healthcare, paid time off, holidays, company outings, etc. You may have a job that will pay really well, however not be offered any paid time off, health insurance or benefits. In that case, the salary may not weigh the lack of benefits you are receiving.

It Challenges You, but Also Makes You Happy

In addition to more tangible benefits, finding your work rewarding and pleasant is an extremely underrated motivate for a job. Focus on the enjoyment of your surroundings, the company culture, and your coworkers. The people you work with and the work you do, greatly impacts how you feel from day to day. It’s a matter of finding a balance in your life that is fulfilling to you. People are more likely to take less pay, for a job they feel is more fulfilling.

Building a Rewarding Career

As we’ve discussed previously, your career is something that takes up 86 full 24-hour days for every year of your life. That’s a significant chunk of time at work, which means it’s CRUCIAL to consider more than just the paycheck. Focusing on things like benefits, fulfillment, satisfaction, and enjoyment will lead you to a better job, and more rewarding career. And in turn, provide you with a job more worth your time.

What do you look for when you begin your job search? Comment below!