You arrive at work in the morning, ready to start another week However, you are horrified to find your inbox swamped with emails. By the time you’ve sifted through everything, you’ve already lost half the morning. We know the feeling. Thankfully, there is an easier way. Knowing how to best organize and tackle your email makes a huge difference in productivity. Read our guide today to work smarter tomorrow!

Helpful Email Tools

To begin, we’ll discuss a few easy tools to use to help lessen the load. A good place to start is by setting up organized folders. Each folder should be dedicated to a certain group ex: client, sales, etc. It’s also helpful to have a completed, and ongoing folder. This way you can track what needs to be done. Outlook allows you to set up rules. For instance, if a certain person emails you, it will auto sort to a specified folder. This way your emails organize automatically, saving you the hassle.

Another way to optimize your email is setting up templates. If you find yourself sending many emails with the same contents, save yourself some trouble. Let’s say you work in sales. If you have a typical email you send to potential clients, type out that email. However, instead of sending it, save it as a template. Now, in the future, all you have to do is slightly change that template and personalize it. This saves you from typing out the whole email each time.

Streamlining Your Email Process

Cursor hovers over an email inbox.Another great way to work smarter with email is to save time when you’re sorting through them. In only a few seconds, you should decide if an email requires immediate action. Firstly, go through and delete the emails you don’t need. This cleansing will help the overwhelming feeling. Next, the emails you should respond to immediately are those that can be dealt with in under 2 minutes. However, if an email is extremely urgent you can respond. Everything else should be pushed off and tackled once you make progress on your other tasks. Your goal by the end of the day should be to see the bottom of your inbox. Having emails automating to folders will help keep your inbox clean. Also, pre-written templates will help you respond more efficiently. We hope this short guide helps relieve some of the stress dealing with an overflowing inbox!