“Tell me about yourself”. Aside from allowing the hiring manager to ease into the interview process, this question is typically asked to get a better understanding of who you are and why you’d fit well in a specific role. Below are some related questions that you can touch on to help support a strong response for the infamous “Tell me about yourself” question. Check it out.

1. What Makes You a Good Fit for This Role?

When you’re asked “Tell me about yourself” one of the topics that you can touch on is why you think you would be a good fit for this specific role. Think about what experiences you have had/ skills you possess that relate to this position? What do you have to offer that relates to what the hiring manager is looking for?

2. What Sparked Your Interest in This Role?

Another option to answer this question is by sharing your interest in this position. Ask yourself questions such as – are you interested in this job because of the company? The Industry? The benefits that are being offered? A change in careers? A challenge? Wanting to expand your career experience? Think of all the ways that this job fits into your career path.

3. How Does Your Career Experience Relate to This Role?

Take some inventory in your work history and see if there are any parallels you can make. How can you relate to your experience so that it aligns with this position? Did you have similar jobs in the past? Do your skills pair up with skills that are required to complete the tasks in this role? Find this parallel will better support your answers.

What They’re Not Asking

When a hiring manager/recruiter asks  “Tell me about yourself” this can be mistaken for a whole range of different topics. Things such as personal details, hobbies, marital status, religion or political views, etc. are all topics that you should stay away from. “Tell me about yourself” is not a question that is asked to share personal information that doesn’t relate to the interview, especially topics that are taboo. If the hiring manager asks more specifics or you get into a topic about other personal hobbies – totally fine! But this question is simply asked to understand your parallel with this role and support your reasoning for why you’d be a good fit for this role.

[ How do you respond to this question? ]


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