What’s your “ideal job” is a question that may pop up in an interview, and unless you’ve thought about it before – being unprepared may throw you off. However, the answer doesn’t have to be complicated. You just have to put some thought into it. Find out below what an “ideal job” means, and how to answer the question in an interview!

Align Your Goals with the Present

When you think of your ideal job, find a parallel between the goals you have and the position you’re interviewing for. This job should be somewhat close to your ideal job. However, take this opportunity (if you feel comfortable) to share a goal you hope for in the future of that position. Check the job description for opportunities such as upward mobility, or the option to work remote after a 6-month performance review. If these things are ideal for you, address them! For example, I would love to move toward a manager position, or my goal is to eventually work remotely. This shows that you’re forward thinking, and have goals for the future of that position.

Another way to determine your ideal job is to take inventory of your past jobs and what you enjoyed most. Are there parts of your past job that you loved doing? If this is something you’re currently doing in your new job, highlight that in your answer. Talk about what excites you and be honest. Talk about why you are excited about the position, and what environment you excel in.

Reassess Your “Ideal Job”

If you’re unable to give an honest answer that aligns your dream job and the job you’re interviewing for, that’s ok! Go back to the drawing board and reassess what you enjoy! This will not only make answering interview questions easier in the future, but it will also ensure that you’re satisfied in your next position.


How would you answer “What’s your ideal job?” comment below!