We are on the brink of the holidays, the parties, the events and… the holiday stress. The good news is, we’re far enough in advanced that with some tips and guidance, you may be able to balance work with holidays more successfully this year. Check out our tips, below.

Plan Early for Holidays

Take some time to review your holiday plans. Are you traveling? Are you going to take or need to take additional time off for travel? Or are you hosting? Asses your schedule and your lists now and determine how you will prepare for them.

Plan Holiday Time-Off (Now, if it’s Not Too Late)

In relation to the previous point, plan to give yourself time-off as well. Maybe take an extra day in December to give you additional time to tackle errands for the holidays. Or take an extended holiday if you are traveling and know you’ll want the following day off afterward to regroup before going back to work. Allowing yourself these extra days off from work that you normally would not have – might be the exact thing you need to get ahead with your to-do list.

Unplug from Work on Your Days Off

When you do have time away from work – take it. Avoid checking your emails and answering work calls during this time off. If it’s scheduled – it’s on the calendar, and your colleagues know you are unavailable and hopefully have already prepared for this. So, take advantage of the unplugged time to fully utilize your time off from work.

Acknowledge the Stress

If, despite the planned schedule, and your days off – you are still are feeling stressed throughout the holiday season, that’s ok!  First, acknowledge the stress and pinpoint where it’s coming from. Is it lack of structure? Running behind schedule? Next, learn how to properly communicate your feelings when you are feeling stressed – to avoid added stress. Being able to properly communicate while under stress is crucial. And then take the steps to address it.

Say No When You Need to Say No

This is a time of year where people want to get together more than usual, spend time, host parties, etc. But it can be extremely difficult to attempt to attend all the gatherings and still save time for yourself. So, if you are invited to multiple gatherings, spur of the moment stop in’s, etc. – it’s understandable and completely acceptable to decline. This is a busy time of year and people expect that.


How do you balance work during the holidays?