It’s not uncommon to dread Mondays. Most employees working 9-5 would have to agree with the lasagna-loving cat that Mondays are the worst. However, a certain amount of the ‘Monday Blues’ can be easily overcome. A simple shift in perspective, or another small change can make a big difference. If you feel like your Mondays drag on, check out the list below for a few ways to beat the blues! Keep in mind that we’ve framed these in chronological order so you can plan accordingly!

Prepare on Friday

One of the best ways to make Monday less daunting is to prepare for it on Friday. Try to finish up any ongoing projects, or get them to a good stopping point. Also, spend time to get through final emails, that way you can have a response by the next week. Even just tidying your desk in anticipation of the next week can make Monday feel less hectic.

Disconnect on the Weekend

Depending on your position, it may be hard to disconnect on the weekends. If you are commonly taking calls or fielding emails, you may not feel as if you enjoyed your time off. Try and disconnect when possible to enjoy the weekend and recharge for the week.

Sleep on Sunday

An even better way to recharge is to make sure you get enough sleep on Sunday night. Make sure you’re at 100% on Monday, ready to tackle everything on your plate at work. If you commonly find yourself struggling to get to sleep on time Sunday night there may be a reason. If you drastically change your sleep schedule on the weekend, it can impact your ability to fall asleep earlier in the night. Try not to change your sleep pattern too much on the weekend in order to get adequate sleep in the beginning of the week.

Anticipate Stress

Don’t expect an easy day on Monday. Anticipating that you will have to be on your game will allow you to adequately prepare. Mondays are usually ‘blue’ for a reason, and commonly it is because all the weekend work has built up. Realizing you’re in for a hard day’s work will leave you more prepared to tackle it all.

Diagnose the Problem

As stated previous, commonly the ‘Monday blues’ are a result of the dread of returning to a lot of work from the weekend. However, if it stemming from something else, try to understand what is causing you stress. For example, does dealing with all of your emails on Monday stress you out? Prioritize the urgent emails and get to the rest later. Once you realize why you are so ‘blue’, you can begin to make it more manageable.

Break it Down

In the same vein, try to break down your tasks into small manageable objectives. Instead of looking at everything in a broad view, turn what you can into small goals. Meeting those small goals and crossing them off your to-do list is an easy way to get momentum and get motivated to keep working and accomplishing things.

Make Some Time for You

Monday’s are usually crazy. However, if you have a project you are working on that you enjoy, try to carve some time out of the day for it Monday. Even if it’s only 15 minutes, having a brief break to work on something you enjoy will make everything else seem more manageable.

Listen to Music

This tip is clearly dependent on office policy, but many people find it to be a big help. If you’re feeling dragged down by doing similar tasks all day Monday, play some music to cheer you up and supercharge your productivity. Just be considerate to those around you and bring headphones/earbuds if necessary.

Arrange a Company Event Monday

You also don’t have to necessarily fight the Monday blues on your own. If it seems appropriate depending on your workplace, propose a Monday activity to spice up the day. It could be something as simple as bagel and coffee Monday, or just a dedicated period of time for everyone to catch up before getting back to work. You’d be surprised the effect of a small break on the feel of the overall day.

Is Monday Really the Problem?

Finally, if you’ve tried all of the above, and still seem to have trouble with Mondays, you may need to think further. If you have a similar feeling during the rest of the weekdays, something else may be the problem. It’s normal to miss the weekend, but dreading Monday completely may be a sign that you’re not in a fulfilling job. This may require more of a long term fix. Consider what it would take to make you enjoy your job again, and if that’s not possible, it might be time to start looking for other possibilities.