For this week’s link roundup, we put together all things having to do with bringing value at work. Including how to answer the interview question, how to bring value to your team, how to bring value to the workplace and why it’s important. Check it out!

Here’s How to Be Successful on a Fast-Paced Team

In today’s world – fast is the new norm. We want to obtain information fast, get results fast, gain new clients fast, etc. Timms Hagemann along with other experts gave their advice on how to keep up and be successful in a fast-paced environment. Check it out.

5 Traits to Being a Valuable Employee

Generalizing what each company is looking for is not easy, because every company and industry are different. However, there are a few top traits that employers look for in employees. And there seems to be a trend among these five. Check them out.

What Can You Bring to the Team?

This interview question may or may not come up, but assessing and being able to explain how you can bring value and fit into the company is key. Exactly how do you explain the value you can bring – and know that it’s the answer they’re looking for? Here are some tips.

5 Reasons Why (And How) to Add Value to Your Employer

We’ve shared how to be valuable, how to answer the interview question and how to bring value to a team, but why is it important? And what are additional ways to do so? We’ve got you covered. Check it out.


How do you provide value to your company? Comment below!