woman making a decision

Having multiple job offers is a great position to be in, but it can make for a tough decision. There are so many elements to compare; company culture, benefits, salary, and more! After analyzing these common factors, here are a few tips to help make your decision.

Determine your Career Goals

Assessing your short and long-term career goals will give you a better picture of what company you would like to work for. Maybe Company A has more opportunity for internal growth and learning new skills, yet less pay than Company B. Job satisfaction will ultimately weigh out salary (and salaries can always change!) so go with the company that is more in line with your career goals. Choose the position and company that will get you where you want to go.

Consider the Work Environment

The company culture and people you work with will have a heavy impact on your job satisfaction. Did you get along with your interviewer or any member of the company that you may have met? If you need more insight, check sites like Glassdoor for employee reviews regarding management and corporate culture. Do you work better in a more structured or relaxed work environment? It is important to know that you and the potential company would make a good fit. Ask yourself these type of questions to help better understand. A red flag would be not picturing yourself at the company and comfortable in their environment.

Trust Yourself

After comparing all of the aspects to consider when choosing a job offer; listen to your heart. Don’t take a feeling lightly if something isn’t sitting well with you. Try talking through the decision with someone you trust. They may be able to provide insight that you hadn’t considered before or ask you questions that provide more clarity.

Always remember that jobs change. If you happen to choose a position that ultimately isn’t the fit you were expecting; there are still tons of options out there!