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With the New Year finally here and the holiday’s over, it may be tough to get back into a routine. Feeling overwhelmed, unfocused and unmotivated is common. Sometimes all it takes is a mindset shift, some systems, and some tips to help get you back in the groove! Check out these tips, below!

How to Get Back in The Groove After The Holidays

Post-holidays can make you feel lazy, uninspired and drained. Going from holidays, time-off and celebrating to the 5 days/week grind can seem like a rough transition if you don’t give yourself time to readjust. BUT there are ways that you can ease back into the office life, so those feelings don’t happen. Check out these tips on getting back into the groove after the holidays, here!

Burned Out at Work? It Doesn’t Have to Follow You Into 2019

Work stress is no joke. With the year ending and a new one beginning, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or stressed with projects and more responsibilities, which can cause you to want to call it quits. But that doesn’t have to be the solution. There are ways to get your mindset right and refocus on where the stress is coming from and how to fix it. Check them out, here!

Easy Resolutions To Make 2019 Your Best Year At Work

The New Year and making resolutions go hand in hand. We tend to take a trip down memory lane of how our previous 12 months have gone and then strategize on how we can improve the next 12 months. If you are looking to add “work goals” to your list of resolutions, check out these tips to make 2019 your best work year in this slideshow, here!

8 Surprising Strategies for Unstoppable Focus

With all of the technology and easy access we have to the internet at our fingertips, it doesn’t take much to get distracted. We are constantly being tugged and pulled in different directions and having the willpower to stay focused when needed is a challenge. The members of The Oracle, including Lewis Howes, share their strategies for unstoppable focus, here!

9 Smart Ways to Work a Whole Lot Less

Work smarter not harder, right? Did you know we are actually MORE efficient with more breaks, and less sitting time? Working less doesn’t mean doing less work, it means being more focused with your time and therefore getting more done in less hours.  Here are 9 ways to spend less time in the office!

How to Automate Boring Work So You Can Focus on What Matters

One of the best ways to efficiently manage your time is to delegate. There are numerous systems that we have available to us to make our lives easier. “Increasing automation means good things for your business, including creating new jobs, redefining existing roles and opening up career opportunities. And it’s not just for business owners: Anyone trying to organize and save time can automate their tasks”. Here are some tips to help!