There are a few ways you can follow up post-job application. But as the saying goes “the fortune is in the follow up” rings true. Not only does following up show your interest, but it also displays your assertiveness and persistence. Here are a few ways to follow up post-application.

Check Your Resources

Prior to the follow-up, do some back work. Start with reviewing the job posting, any emails exchanged or voicemails received to ensure there is no trail that determines how long you should expect before receiving a response. Additionally, if you are contacting a hiring company/ recruiter – it may be stated somewhere that they may not be able to respond to all applicants who submit a resume. However, they could have reached out if there was a position available, so before following up, it’s best to check your inboxes first.

Give it Time

Following up immediately after you have submitted your resume/ application won’t be as effective as if you waited about a week or so. Doing this gives the companies time to review, and if they have not yet, this will be a good nudge to be reminded that you’ve submitted your resume/ application.

Send an Email

Start with an email. This is the most passive, yet respectful way to approach a follow-up after sending in your resume or job application. Especially with recruiting agencies, due to the volume at which resumes are received, they simply cannot reply to every job application submission. By sending a short follow-up email, you will demonstrate that you not only respect their time, but it allows the recruiter/ hiring company time if you are a good fit for a position, to review and respond.

Connect on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another passive way to connect. If you don’t have the email address of the contact you met with, send a message on LinkedIn letting them know that you applied for the position. You can address your interest and if there is any additional information they need from you, if the position was filled, or if they are still looking to fill the position.

Reach out Via Phone

If you are calling the hiring manager/ recruiter at a time that is unscheduled – it may be tough to get into contact with them. However, if you are successful in connecting, they may be caught off guard and not have the necessary information accessible to discuss the role.  If everything goes accordingly, and they have time to talk and time to review your information of the phone, this is a great time to reconnect, share your interest in the position and thank them for taking the time to discuss details with you.

What to Say

When you do connect regarding a job application or resume submission – be sure that your approach is professional, polite and respectful of their time.

If you are sending an email, keep the email as precise as possible. Ensure the subject line is short and straight forward – so they can see at a glance that you are referring to an application you have submitted. Some examples of questions to ask could be something like: “I submitted my application last week and was curious if there was any additional information you needed?” or, ” What is the general time frame for the recruiting process?”. Again, not all hiring companies or recruiters can get back to every candidate, but this is a good way to reconnect if they do.