group of young coworkers in a team meeting

Sometimes we feel like it’s time for a change of pace, but we don’t want to leave the company we’re working for. Or maybe we know it’s time for a change and are quick to assume our only solution is going to another company. Before making a decision, consider what opportunities there are for growth within your current company. This holds especially true for larger organizations, with even a possibility to start in a new career direction! Read on to find out how you can stay at your current company while still getting the fresh start you’re looking for.

Assess Your Situation

Before making any quick decision that could alter your life and career, think about your current situation and where you want to go from there. Consider what you would be leaving if you moved on from your current company. If you enjoy your team, have great benefits, and don’t want to leave your company, consider your career growth internally. It may be time to move on if you’ve been working at your company for a long time and are no longer happy with the people you work with or the work you’re putting forth. If you have a year or less under your belt at a company, it is especially important to consider staying. Job hopping can have a bad reflection on your resume and future employers will take notice. Though never stay at a job if the environment or people are negatively affecting your mental health.

Work Hard

So, now that you have taken the time to decide what you’re looking for. What’s next? Well, it’s time to either start the job hunting process or starting the climb up your company ladder! In order to grow internally within a company, you have to prove that you are capable and passionate about the work you’re doing now. If you’re already improving your company’s operations and creating positive results with your work, you’re off to a great start. If you’ve proven your ability to get the job done, there’s a high possibility of being offered a promotion because you’re clearly an impactful asset to your team. Companies would rather invest in current hardworking employees than finding someone new and starting from scratch. When it’s time to talk to a manager about your aspirations to move up, you need to be sure you are clearly voicing what you want. This is why it’s important to assess your situation before having the talk.

Strong leaders want their employees to grow in their careers and support them all the way through. If you believe you are capable and it’s time for a change, you will get the help you deserve. A little hard work and reflection can go a long way. Have you had experience growing internally within a company? Comment and let us know how you made the steps to get to where you are now!