Despite how well you do your job, or how long you’ve been an employee at your company – you’re going to receive some sort of [hopefully constructive] criticism. When this occurs you can either let it offend you or you can use it to your advantage. Below we’ve provided suggestions on how to handle criticism in the workplace, check it out!

Listen with Intention

If you are receiving feedback/constructive criticism at work – take the time to intently listen. You can use this as a learning opportunity, and potentially better yourself as an employee. If you receive the criticism and don’t retain the feedback you’re getting – not only does that waste an opportunity for you to implement and grow, but it can also create frustration from the parties that are taking the time to give you feedback. Whether it is solicited or not, ensure that you are intently listening, retaining, and applying constructive criticism (when applicable).

Delay Your Reaction

If you’re receiving criticism that you feel wasn’t addressed in the most effective or kind way – give yourself a second before reacting. Sometimes the advice that’s given comes from a good place but is not always delivered properly. In this instance, take some time to process the information that is being delivered and then react accordingly on the information that is being given – not the tone. If the criticism that is being suggested to you is delivered poorly, remember this: they are giving you criticism based on the work that is being done- not on you as an employee. So try to look through to the message that’s being delivered.

Ask Questions

If you want to develop more clarity on the feedback your getting, ask questions. By doing so you can receive a more elaborate response and a better understanding of what is being noted or suggested to you. By doing so, you allow the person giving you feedback the ability to expand, and even provide examples, and allow you both to exit the conversation on the same page.

Be Appreciative

If you’re receiving constructive criticism from someone at work, thank them for taking the time to give you the advice. Thanking the person that is taking the time to give you feedback, regardless of whether or not you agree with the feedback, shows you’re appreciative that they took the time out of their schedule to help you.

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How do you handle receiving work criticism?