We discuss the effects of the current low unemployment rate a lot, but it is super important when it comes to running your business! Professionals have so many opportunities at their fingertips to get up and run to if they see one that fits their needs better. It’s hard to attract and retain quality talent, which means you have to try to entice them and prove that you’re the company for them. Once you are working with them, you obviously don’t want them to leave. Find out how to increase employee engagement and retention by reading on!

Work-Life Balance

An exciting position, great benefits, and pay are unfortunately no longer the only ways to keep an employee happy. In addition to these aspects, employees are seeking more flexibility and work-life balance. If you can incorporate these additional benefits into their package, chances are they will be more satisfied and your employee retention rate will increase. Being able to work hard at work, but also have the downtime to enjoy personal life ultimately creates a more engaged and productive employee.

Show Them Their Worth

This doesn’t mean that employees need to be rewarded at every goal achieved! Employees are simply seeking some sort of feedback on how they are doing so they can measure their success. Individuals want to make a difference through their work, which motivates them to work harder. Check in with your employees once in a while on a one-on-one basis to talk about how they are doing and their current likes and dislikes. Working through things together and sorting things out to ensure both parties are happy will increase engagement.

Create a Career Ladder

Showing an employee that their hard work will pay off through pay increases, promotions, increased benefits/PTO, and more will help keep employees engaged. Employees who don’t see further career opportunities for them within the company will want to leave. You need to sit down and show them the paths and differences they can make by staying at your company. This is easier said than done if you’re working in a small company. Growth can stem a challenge in smaller environments, but providing mentoring, training, and exciting benefits during milestones can make up for the promotions you may not see in a smaller company.

Open Communication & a Positive Environment

Sharing ideas in an open and welcome environment has the potential to boost employee engagement and retention. Employees will feel more enticed to be creative, speak their mind, and collaborate with others to bring innovative ideas and projects to the table. If individuals think their ideas will always be shut down or don’t feel comfortable speaking up at their own workplace, there is a stronger chance that they won’t want to be in that environment for long. Happy employees make for a happy company!