Working remotely has endless perks. You can get your work done, avoid the commute, reduce distractions – the list goes on. But it also can hold one giant downfall unless you’re careful – crossing boundaries. So, we’re going to share how you can successfully work from home and still have boundaries with family and friends.

Set a Schedule

If you are working from home for a company – you may already be required to work a certain timeframe. In this case – you work during your set hours – and you shut down the computer when your timeslot is up until the next workday. However, if you’re in control of getting tasks done on your own time – having set hours will help in multiple ways.

Setting a schedule will not only keep your boundaries by allotting time to focus, but it will keep you more productive and essentially get more done in less time.


Schedule Breaks

When you set your schedule, this includes setting time for electronics. One benefit of working from home is there is no one to monitor your personal breaks. However, you also want to ensure you’re being as productive as possible. By setting your phone in a place where you won’t check it during your productivity hours, you’ll ensure you’re getting the most use of your time.

Another option is creating breaks for yourself. This will help you recharge your batteries and regroup. Thrive Global shares research that states, “in an eight-hour day, the average worker is only productive for two hours and 53 minutes”. So statistically, we can only be productive in 2-3-hour chunks at a time. Allow yourself small breaks to grab a snack, check your phone, go for a walk, etc – and resume until your work for the day is complete.


Align Your Schedules with Family

Without set schedules, working from home can be a messy blend of dabbling in and out of work from morning until bedtime – and this isn’t helpful for you, your work or your family. If you live with a friend, family, or spouse – try aligning your schedule with theirs. Get your work done during the time that they are working – so you can ensure you still have a normal balance when they get home. Doing this will help them better respect your time, let them know you respect theirs, and maintain your boundaries.


Create a Quiet Space

If you work with another spouse/family member who works from home, or works nights and is home during the day, create a quiet space for yourself. Whether it’s a section in your home that is away from the hustle and bustle, a spot in your bedroom, basement, or if you’re lucky a home office – creating that space will allow you to separate yourself when you need time to focus and get work done.

Without this, your family, spouse/roommate may not respect that even though you are “home” you are still working and need to be treated as so. So set those boundaries early on. When you’re in your location, or the door is shut – it’s work time.


What are other ways you keep boundaries set when working from home? Comment below!