You’re being presented with other opportunities and you’re unsure of whether it’s time to change jobs. If this thought is running through your head, take note of how you’ve been feeling regarding your current job. Do you have a significant amount of good days at work? Do you get along well with your colleagues? Do you feel valued in your current position? Take some time to answer these questions, and if you’re having a tough time finding positive answers it’s time to dive deeper. Here are a few additional topics you can address to help.

You’ve Outgrown Your Role

Over time, you may have maxed out the skills required to complete your job. What once challenged you no longer does, and you’re not learning anymore. If you’re comfortable with your role and enjoy working with minimal challenges – great! Then you’re exactly where you should be. However, if you are looking to continuously learn, and you’re not anymore, it can significantly affect your work performance.

One of the most effective ways to continue to challenge yourself in your career is career development. Whether it be taking on new projects, more responsibilities or even getting a promotion and moving up the ladder. But if you’re unhappy with the stagnancy of your position and there is no opportunity to grow – it’s time to address your options.

It’s Affecting You Physically/Mentally/Emotionally

You’re noticing that you’ve felt significantly unmotivated. You find yourself constantly checking the clock or wanting to call out more frequently. Of course, ruts in your career occur – which is extremely normal. However, when this feeling lasts for a long period of time – it’s time to reassess. Do you have too large of a workload? Are you lacking responsibilities? Are you not getting along with colleagues in the office? Is it the commute that is draining you? Ask yourself these questions to get a better understanding of where your frustration or exhaustion is coming from. If these factors are in your control – take the initiative to make some changes and see if that improves how you’re feeling. If these factors are out of your control – it may be time to start browsing other positions.

You’re Ready

If you’ve been feeling for a while that you have no solid reason to stay at your current position – that’s enough for you to explore other opportunities. You’re simply checked out and ready to move on – you just haven’t yet. And that’s ok, but you’re ready to change jobs. Maybe you need a different atmosphere or want to explore a different career industry altogether – either way – there is no harm in wanting to switch positions. At the end of the day you want to (mostly) enjoy your career.