You’ve gone through the process of submitting (maybe multiple) applications, the interview process, you’ve been offered the job, and you have found the company and a position you’re excited for. So how can you ensure you’re fully prepared, and make the most of your first day at work? Here are some tips below!

Take Notes – And Aim to Be Self-Sufficient

On your first day, you will be taught a lot. From tasks that you will be performing, to a being given a tour, to meeting all of your colleague’s and remembering names. Don’t try to remember everything– write it down. You won’t remember everything you’re told when you first start a new job, but you will be provided with a lot of information. So be self- sufficient and take notes for the sole purpose of being able to refer to them later – that way you can be self-sufficient, and not waste your time or the person training you.

Ask Questions

Which ties into our next point. Ask questions – but listen first. You’re going to have a lot of questions as you go through your first day or even the first week of work. But don’t be overly concerned about asking questions that you forget to listen. Most likely your questions will be answered throughout the process. So try and let the first day come to you.

Ride the Wave

Your boss and colleagues know you’re new. They don’t expect you to know everything and most importantly they understand that you’re not going to immediately jump in and start performing your job duties.  So, don’t expect that from yourself, either. Try to take your first day for what it is, a day to learn and absorb the information – and try to enjoy it.

Expect the First Day to Be Different  

The person who is training you is going to try to give you a lot of information that you will need to know upfront. You will cover a lot of different tasks, many of which are performed on different times and days of the week – so don’t judge your position based on your first day or two. Give it some time.

Focus on Your Attire

On your first day of work, you want to ensure you’ve dressed appropriately. Whether the company attire is business formal, extremely casual, or you’re required to wear something specific for your job; you want to look your best. Focus on being well-groomed and put together to give off a great first impression.


What are some tips you have been given on starting a new job?