Personal growth is crucial in self-fulfillment and it is also linked to growth in your career. Tony Robbins states that “Progress equals happiness“. Of course, what that progress consists of is entirely up to your personal goals. Today we’re focusing on helping you learn how to make time for personal growth. Such as starting with automating and delegating tasks. Check it out.

Write Out Your Goals for the Year

The most effective way to begin personal growth and development is to get clear on what it is you want to accomplish. Are you looking to save money? Make more money? Read more books? Become healthier? Learn a language? Utilize your time on travel and/or experiences? These are the kind of questions you want to ask yourself. Once you get ideas on the type of things you want to accomplish, before you implement them, it will help dramatically. A planned goal is better than the desired goal with no plan.

What’s the Reason?

Wanting to reach goals, and accomplish things are great – but if you don’t have a real reason for wanting to do something – the chances of accomplishing decrease drastically. Figure out why you want to accomplish each goal. Is it for learning? Setting yourself up for the future? Determine the reason for wanting to accomplish these goals after you set them. Remember, breaking down your goals and why you want to accomplish them before you jump into progress and personal growth – is part of the process. So put the time in now to set yourself up.

Observe Your Current Schedule

Look at your daily schedule. What do you do on an average day? What time do you wake up/ go to sleep? Arrive to and leave work? Now account for all the hours that are left in between. What are you doing during that time? How much time do you have remaining in your day that’s not allotted for? This chunk of time is the time to utilize in your schedule. If you find you don’t have any extra time, for example with hobbies, part-time jobs, kids, other commitments, etc – acknowledge what you can remove. Are there commitments/responsibilities, plans that you can free up? Delegate? Maybe it’s time to change to a higher paying job, so you can drop your part-time job and in-turn have more time?

Head to the Calendar

Take your list of goals and pull up your calendar. Break down how much time each goal will take, or how much time you are going to put into each goal. Maybe one of your goals is to save $1,000. Figure out how much you are going to put away each week, and other factors you are going to do in order to save that $1,000 so you can determine how long it will take you. Maybe you’re looking to become healthier so you have more energy, can perform better at work and do more throughout the day. What are some things you will swap into your diet? What type of exercise will you do? Get specific and break down your goals by timeline.

Share Your Goals

If one of your goals is directly related to your current job, share them! Let’s say for example you’re working in I.T and you’re looking to expand your knowledge of computer software. Bring this attention to your manager or employer, and see if this is something you can implement. Not only will the increase in your knowledge benefit the company, but it will also add to your personal progress goals and growth as well! #winwin.

Condense, Automate and Purge

Next, find things you can delegate, automate. Doing so will free up some time in your schedule and make your life a bit easier. Determine what is taking up your time. If you have kids that have responsibilities and need to be driven to and from – can you set up a carpool and take turns driving? If you have a handful of bills that you manually pay, can you automate them? Are you taking up hours during the week to do house chores solo? Can you delegate them to other members in the house? Delegating and automating tasks that take up your time – will free up unnecessary time that you were wasting.


[How do you make time for personal growth?]