An interview is an opportunity for you and the recruiter/hiring manager to see if you would be the right fit for the job and the company. The more prepared, the better. We’ve received various questions regarding how to prepare for an interview, so we wanted to tackle a few here to help you with your next one. Check them out.

What Should I Know?

It’s important to remember that you want to do some research before going into the interview. What does the company do? What does it stand for? How is the company culture? This will give you a better understanding of what to expect and the right questions to be asking if you have any.

What Should I Bring?

See our last blog post about everything you need to bring to a job interview, but to give a few suggestions,  bring your resume, a pen, a portfolio to hold it in, as well as any added work that you must display to showcase your best work. Make sure you put your phone on silent as well (prior to the interview).

In addition to this, make sure that you have taken the time to compare your resume with the job description/qualifications. That way if they are wondering about the experience in a certain area that you may not have, you’ll be prepared and able to address it.

What Should I Wear?

This is generally all dependent on the company you are meeting with. If you feel comfortable, ask the hiring manager what the dress code is like and what is expected of you.  But if you don’t, a general rule of thumb is to dress one step up from the company you are meeting with. If they wear khakis wear a suit, etc. You also want to be aware of your body language, the tone of voice and your reactions. Be as comfortable and natural as possible. Just make sure your comfortability doesn’t come off as carelessness.

How Early Should I Get There?

You want to show up to your interview with an extra 15-20 minutes. Giving yourself this time allows you for unexpectedness and any issues that can arise. In addition to this, in case you need to fill out any paperwork you are there and available early to do so while still being on time. In addition to being 15-20 minutes early, you also want to ensure you give yourself enough travel time. So check the route, check the distance and check the traffic a few days ahead.

What Happens if I’m Running Late?

If you’re running late, it’s better to call when you know you’re going to be late. If you are stuck in traffic, ask for an alternate route or a suggestion on how to get there faster. Showing up late without calling, is a good way to set a not-so-good first impression. A call ahead of time can save you.

What If I Have to Call Out Sick?

If you are feeling sick and you need to call out of the interview, do so the second you are feeling like you aren’t feeling up to. Don’t wait until the last possible moment to decide. Doing so would be a “last minute” no show, and can give off a bad impression. If you have a sense in the slightest that you aren’t feeling well, it’s better to call ahead of time and get the interview on the schedule for a later date.

How do you prepare for a job interview? Comment below!