You’re looking for upward movement in your career at your current company. However, you’ve never had management experience before and aren’t sure if you’d even be considered. Regardless, you know that you would be a great fit for the job, it’s just proving that to management so they see it too. We’ve compiled some things you can do to improve your chances and be considered. Check them out.

Volunteer to be a Team Lead

A large part of being a manager is leading a team. If you are a current employee at the position you would like to become a manager for, start volunteering. For example, if management asks someone to read a reports list to the team, volunteer. If they ask someone to lead a group meeting one morning, volunteer.  Doing this will show your confidence, your abilities and also that you’re interested in taking on a more leadership role.

Mentor and Assist Your Coworkers

Expanding on the previous point, mentoring and assisting others is another way to hone in on your management skills.  If your coworkers need help completing a task or are struggling to figure something out- offer some assistance (if your company encourages it).  It will allow them to see you as a leader, and give you practice dealing 1:1 with your coworkers.

Highlight Your Skills

If you’ve never had management experience before, you have to highlight other attributes of your accomplishments. Take note of your past responsibilities and find where you have taken on leadership duties. Things like pitching a new idea to leadership, assisting other coworkers with their current workload, or delegated responsibilities in a project.

Apply for the Position

So you’re wanting to be a manager, but have you told anyone? You could be falling under the radar if they don’t know you’re interested! Managers won’t know you want to grow and move up in the company if you don’t express it. Especially because some people enjoy comfortability, doing good at their job and sticking with. If your company allows current employees to apply, go for it!

Get to Know the Supervisors and Management Team

One way for you to stand out as a leader is to build relationships with your boss or the management team. It will be much easier for them to consider you if they know who you are personally.

Schedule 1:1 Check-In’s

To track your progress, you want feedback. And you also want the managers to know that you are interested in learning, growing and improving within your career at the company. So in addition to your annual reviews, schedule check-ins if your company allows for it. This will be beneficial to them to be able to give feedback, and it is beneficial for you so that you can show interest in improvement.