woman being productive at work

Staying productive and organized leads to so many positive outcomes! These outcomes include job satisfaction, positive performance reviews, and less stress. The tips we have included below are great ways to help anyone in any position stay organized and productive. You’re going to want to write these down!

Use Your Time Wisely

Time Management is one of the most important ways to stay organized and productive. Use the time that you have wisely! It’s easy to lose track of time when you have a never-ending to-do list. A great way to manage your time is to set reminders of when you need to get specific tasks and projects done. This way you are ensuring that they will be done by the deadline and you will be aware of what to prioritize. Always prep a to-do list the day prior, so when you come in that morning you will know how much time needs to be allocated to each task. Giving yourself task deadlines will help you get your work done efficiently and on time. This is also known as time blocking!

Write it Down

Taking notes whenever possible is another great way to stay organized. Not taking notes on deadlines, project details, etc.. can cause a ripple of effects. If you’re not taking notes on how to do things, you’re wasting your time because chances are you may need to repeat the task over again if not done the correct way. If you’re not writing things down, you may start to feel disorganized and lose track of deadlines! The more detailed notes you take, the more organized you will feel.

Organize Your Schedule/Deadlines

In addition to taking notes, always keep an organized calendar including deadlines and project updates. A schedule can extremely improve your organization and productivity. A schedule with alerts keeps you on top of things. This also allows you to have a frame of reference if you need to back yourself up on deadlines and projects.

Keep a Neat Workspace

Your workspace can directly affect your productivity and organization. Working in a neat space helps reduce distractions and allows you to be able to easily access what you may need. If your files, papers, etc… are organized, you won’t be wasting time searching for them when you need them. It’s also terrifying to think you lost an important document and you never want that to happen because of your own disorganization! Take some time each day to organize your workspace ensuring nothing goes missing and get rid of things that aren’t essential. Non-essentials can pile up fast and ultimately result to clutter. Your workspace should be functional and productive! This also goes for your virtual workspace if you use a computer.

Everyone has their own approach when it comes to organization and productivity. We hope you use these basic tips as a stepping stone to help find the right ways to help you stay on top of things!