having to choose a job offer

Sometimes we are lucky enough to receive multiple job offers after interviewing. Unfortunately, we can’t accept all of them. Turning down a job offer is not always easy, but there are proper ways of declining and thanking the company for the offer.

 Show Appreciation

When declining an offer, always tell them how much you appreciated being chosen for the position. Thanking the hiring manager or whoever is offering you the position is important. A thank you for the time and effort will go a long way and leave you on good terms.

Give Reason

Giving a reason for declining the position isn’t a necessity, but it is highly encouraged. Being brief and honest is key. Whether it’s that you decided to accept a position elsewhere, are staying at your current company, etc… it’s okay to tell them. Do not be brutally honest if you didn’t like the work environment there or didn’t like the hiring manager. In this case, here is an example of what you can say.

“After much consideration, I have decided that the position is not the fit for me….” Don’t ever flat out say you didn’t like the company or any negative connotations you may have had that could burn your bridges with that company.

If you’re going with the case of not liking the company or position after being interviewed, you should tell them sooner rather than later. Chances are you figured this out as soon as you walked away from the interview, so saving them time in choosing a candidate for the position would be ideal.


As noted above, it is always better to tell a company sooner than later. If you wait too long to tell them, they may miss out on another candidate who they were considering. If you were put in their shoes, and you weren’t being offered the job, you would want to know as soon as possible! Letting them know via phone is always a better form of communication. Hiring managers may have more respect for someone who took the initiative and strength to verbally communicate. If that is not feasible for you, a well-conducted email will do. Take the time to form a thoughtful email. Remember, never burn bridges, you never know how this company or the people you now know there may affect the future of your career.

 Don’t Ghost

Out of all the things to do and not do, DO NOT ghost a company after being offered a job interview. That is a waste of both of your time and is absolutely disrespectful. The hiring manager took the time to read your resume, bring you in for an interview, etc… giving them a few minutes of your time to politely decline their offer is extremely important. Never responding to a job offer will absolutely burn bridges! Always, always show gratitude and respect. Getting job offers are not a piece of cake!

Whether you pick up the phone or email a hiring manager to decline a job offer, follow these tips! If you aren’t quite to the point of declining an offer yet and are still deciding on what job is best to choose, read our blog, “How to Choose Between Multiple Job Offers”!