Moneyball focuses on the careers of an MLB team owner and a sabermetrics analyst.

When you think about the jobs you wanted as a kid, who – or what – influenced your choices? I remember idolizing Clarice Starling, famed 90’s movie heroine who made the struggle of training as a new FBI agent look downright awesome in Silence of the Lambs. I wanted to be just like her – independent, strong-minded, brave, intelligent, and pretty to boot. For years I dreamed of being the next Clarice, but eventually learned that movies weren’t a realistic source of inspiration when it came to actually choosing a career. Plus, it was Silence of the Lambs… sort of gross, really. Still yet, the dream consumed my mind for much of my childhood and early teenage years. Movies tend to do that, and when the ladies of Walrath and I discussed the topic of movies showcasing cool careers, they agreed – movie stars’ roles inspired them in their younger days as well. Some movies still have the potential to inspire, even in our adult years!

Following a quick chat about movies that make specific jobs look really cool, we came up with this list of films that feature careers portrayed by Hollywood actors and actresses that make you say, “I want that job!” But only if the actual job is just as it’s portrayed in the movie, of course.

Who doesn’t want to be a sabermetrics whiz after watching this film?

Social Network
Maybe being in Zuckerberg’s shoes isn’t everyone’s dream. Maybe his role is inspiring. Either way, movie viewers can’t help but admire his intelligence and feel motivated to build the world’s next online empire.

Devil Wears Prada
Many girls dream of working in the fashion industry, smack dab in the middle of NYC. Although Anne Hathaway’s character – and job – as a new assistant isn’t very attractive at first, it’s hard not to imagine what life would be like around all of those gorgeous clothes each and every day.

Jerry Maguire
Tom Cruise makes being a sports agent seem challenging, interesting, and rewarding. Of course, Tom Cruise in several other 80’s and 90’s films makes many positions (race car driver, naval aviator, bartender…) seem intriguing.

Julie & Julia
Even if you’re not into cooking, you might entertain the idea of trying your hand at it – or blogging – or both!

Which career-focused movies have inspired you?