later career job search

If you’re a 50 something and are hesitant about going back on the job hunt, you’re not the only one. Applying to new companies/ jobs after staying at a company for over 10+ years can be nerve-racking. You may feel like no one wants to hire someone in your age bracket, but luckily, that’s not true. There are so many advantages of starting a new job after 50, including the opportunity to start a career YOU are passionate about. Check out the positives of later-career job searching, below!

Make Your Resume Timeless

Having years of experience under your belt is EXTREMELY beneficial. However, you want your resume to reflect the experience, rather than the time frame you’ve taken to get there. When it’s been 20+ years since graduation, having the year you graduated listed on your resume isn’t relevant anymore. So feel free to remove anything that “ages” your resume, and focus more on elaborating on your job responsibilities and why you’re a great candidate for the positions you’re looking to apply to.

Revisit Your Circle

One of the first things you should do when you’re starting your later-career job search is to revisit your circle. Shoot out some messages to the network of people that you know through things like hobbies, sports, past co-workers, friends etc. The best way to get your foot in the door is through a warm-introduction. So going through your network first can make it a smoother transition.

Familiarize Yourself With Interview Questions

The most common reason “later-career job seekers” are hesitant to begin the interview process is because of the interview itself. Your solution? Practice. Do some research to find out common interview questions and practice how you would answer them. You can also interview with companies you’re not as serious about landing the job, to get some real-life practice. The more you get comfortable with interviewing, the more you’ll feel confident with them.

Consider Part-Time Positions

If you are still struggling with finding a position you’re interested in, start with part-time positions. Part-time allows you to get the experience in the related field you’re looking for. If either party thinks it’s a good fit, you’re in a perfect position if a full-time position is available. If not, you have a great part-time job to hold you over and give you experience while you find something better suited for you.

Treat Yourself (Physically and Mentally)

Treat yourself. Do some grooming, get a haircut/color, buy a new outfit and do something to spruce up your look. Not only will it show you care and are serious, but it will also make you feel significantly more confident. While you’re at it, pick up a personal development book such as You are a Badass by Jen Sincero or The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon. If you are fueling your brain with positivity, you can’t help but FEEL positive in the process.

Age= Experience, Use it

Although you may feel insignificantly out of place interviewing as a 50 something, try to view your age in a different light. Your age gives you experience, which gives you a competitive advantage. You have had MORE time doing more things, which means you are probably more knowledgeable in certain areas. The more experience, the more of a trusted candidate you become.

Use This Opportunity to Do What You Desire

If you have the opportunity to switch your career/profession after a decade or more of staying at one company, use this as a time to find something you are truly passionate about. This is the perfect time to get involved in a company, organization, a career doing something you enjoy. It will make your workday more enjoyable as well and make the whole transition worthwhile.

Stay Confident

And above nothing else, be confident. We have sprinkled that word throughout this blog because it’s true. The more you believe in yourself, your ability and your experience- the more confidently you will present yourself.