Employees having a conversation.

This week we’re back again with another trait that is important to have as an employee: honesty. While there are certainly a few situations where honesty isn’t ideal, it is usually a good policy. Honesty in the workplace will benefit you in multiple ways. We’ll discuss it’s impact at the beginning of the hiring process and beyond.

Honesty & Your Job Search

Honesty is especially important even before you become an employee. Throughout the hiring process, being honest will make you look good, and avoid problems in the future. Lying on your resume will only guarantee that you land a job you are not qualified for. Even if the ploy works and you are hired, you will be unable to back up your qualifications in the new position. Be honest about your abilities. This will make sure you wind up in a job you can handle.

It’s also important to be honest when you’re starting in a new position. At this point you are taking a lot of new information in, and it can be hard to retain it all. If you don’t understand something, be honest. No one will fault you for wanting more help when you start. The only way you could let anyone down in this situation is by staying quiet and making a larger problem later on. Be honest about the limits of your abilities, and ask for help especially when you start working.

Building a Reputation at Work

The previous suggestion also works for more experienced employees. Being honest will establish trust between you and your coworkers. Being truthful about your limitations allows your team members to help you, and the whole team is better for it. Avoid making false promises, and you will gain credibility by delivering what you knew you could. It’s also hard for someone else to place the blame on you if you are honest up front.

While there are a few situations where tact may be necessary, honesty is key in the majority. Being dishonest at work will usually set you up for failure by breaking promises and not meeting expectations. Whether it’s your job search or a new job, always be honest.