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When a company is looking to hire someone, the first order of business is writing a job description. This usually includes a breakdown of responsibilities, in addition to some qualifications such as education and experience. However, sometimes there are skills and qualifications that aren’t listed on the job description, but are equally important. Understanding your job and the larger scope of the company is one of those skills. Realizing the stakes of the business and the importance of your role is an important skill for any employee. Below we’ll break down why it’s valuable to get the ‘big picture’, and what exactly it is.

What Is ‘The Big Picture’?

So, what’s so important about the ‘big picture’? For one thing, it will make you a better employee. It will also make you a better job searcher, and a more inviting candidate as you continue your search. Whether you’re employed or looking, it is a valuable skill to have. However, before we can understand how it can empower you, we have to discuss what exactly the ‘big picture’ is.

Many employees go throughout their careers without taking the time to step back and realize the role they play in the greater organization. This is an easy and comfortable thing to do, and nobody should be faulted for it. As they say ‘ignorance is bliss’. Going to work and just focusing on your own responsibilities for the day will meet expectations for your role. However, understanding your piece of the company puzzle is what will really increase your value to an employer.

What Does It Mean For Me?

Ultimately, you are a cog in the machine of this large operating business. Understanding what your role is, how it benefits others around you, and what you all come together to achieve is ‘the big picture’. So why is this of value to you and your employer? Understanding the greater goals of your company and how you tie into them is a huge step. From there, you can recognize your own skills, and how they can be put to work to achieve those goals. This makes you look good, your manager look good, and ultimately benefits the company at large. Realizing how your skills and talent directly transfer into value for the business means you can go to bat for yourself. Someone who has that larger awareness can better fulfill their responsibilities and communicate throughout the company.

So what does this all mean as a job seeker? While you won’t have the ‘inside scoop’ to understand your role, you can use the clues in the job description. It’s also imperative to do research on the organization. Having a strong idea of the importance of the role will allow you to better market yourself in the event that you land an interview. It could also help you as early on as when you apply. You may be able to make a strong case in your cover letter if you understand the role and what it means for the organization.

That’s all we have on the importance of the big picture! It’s certainly a valuable skills to be able to see the importance beyond your job, and we hope this article opened your eyes. If you have any experiences with similar situations feel free to share with us in the comments, we love to hear from our readers!