We have already discussed the resume fundamentals you need, but what else can we do to make our resumes stand out? Use the following guidelines to help increase your resume visibility.

Value Proposition Statement Rather Than Objective Statement: Many people will put an “objective” statement on their resume which states “what” they are looking for in the company, not what they will be bringing to the company. Remember, a resume is a tool you are using to market and put yourself ahead of the crowd. Do so by stating the value you will be bringing to the company. Rather than just telling the company what you would like to achieve by working there, tell them what they will gain by giving you the opportunity to achieve those goals.

Quantifiable Achievements: Support your Value Proposition Statement(s) through definable measurements and metrics that prove your value as an experienced employee. This can also help the employer to compare what you have done in the past with what they would be expecting of you, if they were to hire you.

Keyword Rich Content: When searching for something in Google or Bing, the results returned are due to complex algorithms that incorporate relevancy and quality factors in an effort to provide the most accurate information to a search phrase. Applicant Tracking Software, Job Boards, and Job Websites gather and sift through candidate profiles much like the search engines, although not as complex as a search engine, they will utilize keywords within content (resumes) to produce the most “qualified”  candidates for employers. Including important keywords (frequently searched terms most related to the job you are applying for) within your resume will allow employers/recruiters to find you more easily.

Relevant Skills/Experience: Are the skills and experience you are presenting relevant to the position you are applying for? Giving the hiring manager/recruiter a lot of irrelevant information that forces them to search your resume for relevant terms is not in your best interest as a job seeker.

Employment History: Including your employment history is a given, but have you dated them? Do not leave the resume reviewer to question your previous work experience as a result of leaving out details.

Everyone’s resume will be a little different than another but if you use these “ingredients” to enhance the quality of your resume, it may just help you get the job you have always dreamed of!