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We’ve covered some very specific interview questions about policies and procedures. This question, however, is very broad in focus, and there is no right or wrong answer. There is a best way to frame your answer. Read on to find out how you should approach this question in an interview.

Honesty is Key

To begin answering this question, it’s important to realize your answer must be honest and genuine. This is true with any interview question. However, broad questions are easier to give generalized answers to. While you may believe it would make you look better, a fake timeline of your career path will be obvious to most interviewers. No matter how quirky or unique your career path is, frame it in a positive light and be honest.

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Pursuing jobs just for money will lead you down a very thankless and unsatisfying career path

On the other end of the spectrum, there is such a thing as too much honesty as well. If you are motivated solely by money, or belief that a job will be easy, you won’t win any fans by disclosing that motivation. Also, pursuing jobs just for money will lead you down a very thankless and unsatisfying career path. Try to find something that motivates and excites you, so answering these questions can come naturally.

Paint a Picture of Career Success

If you have specific skills or characteristics that lend themselves to work in your field, that is a great way to frame your answer. For example, “I always have seen the world differently and was very creative minded, so being a Graphic Designer just made sense for me when I was deciding what my next step would be”. This answer flows because it clearly links a natural talent to a career path. Whether it’s a hard or soft skill, mention how it brought you to your career.

To sum up the best way to answer, you should be telling a story. This story should tell the tale of your career journey that led you to be the perfect candidate for this position. Your skills, personality, and work experience should all come together to make you the best candidate for the position. Also, at the bare minimum, your decision to apply for this job should appear as a logical decision for you. If the interviewer has trouble finding out why you applied for this job, they’re not likely to see a good reason to hire you.