When interviewing, you may be asked to describe your ideal job. Although it may go without saying, this question shouldn’t be answered by stating your dream company i.e. Netflix or Google. Instead, you should view the question through the lens of the company you are interviewing with. We will describe how to answer this question in further detail below.

Does the Ideal Job Exist?

As we stated in the intro, what you really should be doing is focusing on the overlap between your dream job and this job. Don’t make the mistake many interviewees have made, and give a fantasy answer. Also, your answer shouldn’t involve benefits or perks. While it may be part of your ideal job, the interviewer doesn’t care to hear that you want a Lamborghini as your company car. Instead, ground your answer in reality, and tie it to the potential position you’re interviewing for. If you’ve done research on the company and job beforehand, this is where it will pay off. Given that you’ve gotten this far in the application process, this job should be something resembling your ideal job. To begin answering, start to think about what you want the most out of a career.

canstockphoto2537309Another way to discover this overlap is to look back on past jobs and think of when you were at your happiest. If there are parts of a job you love doing, it’s likely what you’re passionate about. If this is something present in your new job, highlight it in your answer. Talk about what excites you, and be genuine and honest. An answer that is manufactured just to suit the company will be incredibly obvious. Talk about why you are excited for the position, and what environment you excel in.

Know Your Own Worth

If you’re unable to give a genuine, honest answer that lines up with your dream job and this job, you’ve been searching wrong. Unless you’ve come up with nothing after a long search, you should only be applying to jobs you are interested in. Why would you do anything else? Doing this will not only make answering interview questions easier since you’re more genuine. It will also ensure that you’re much happier once you land a job. Don’t do yourself a disservice and take the job that is easy. Go out and take the job you want.