Still trying to find that ideal job? Do not get caught up in a world of doubt, there is a place out there for you. It may take some work to get there (it is highly unlikely to just fall into your lap), but we all have to start somewhere. The first thing is to develop an understanding of yourself, what you want, and what you need to do to get there. In many cases, it will be a series of jobs that bring full understanding of these, as time changes so will you.

REMEMBER, if you have yet to find your dream job, you are not alone. Millions of people are also still looking. There are a few things to consider, a trifecta if you will. When applied to a specific job and the company it is for, you can better determine if the job is on a path towards your dream job.

*Note, these are not set in stone. Priorities are different for everyone and there are a lot of factors to consider, but this is a reasonable way to start your job search:

Ask yourself the following:

  1. What you love to do?
  • Does the company do this as well?
  • Does the physical work include this?
  1. What you are good at doing?
  • Does the company need these talents?
  • How can your talents benefit the role?
  • Will you be able to improve upon your talents there?
  1. What pays well? (Be reasonable, this is necessary for meeting your financial obligations)
  • What skills do you have that you can monetize?
  • What types of positions utilize your skillset?

Ideally, you want to do the work you love, you should excel at doing it and be able to support yourself while doing so. However, it can be hard to find something that suits all of your wants. It is in the combination of these that you can find opportunities that are more likely to follow a path to your dream job.

Research the company where the job is, take the company into as much consideration as the work itself.

Where is the overlap? As you research the jobs you are interested in applying to, consider the overlap in your trifecta versus what the job has to offer. More often than not, there will have to be some compromises made. For instance; a company produces something you absolutely love. Your skills are needed at that a job and you possess the same types of values as the company. However, it pays a little less than you would like. Can you make the compromise to make a little less money to do something you will enjoy every day? With all of the qualities you value that overlap, will the money be the decision maker or will the possibilities the job offers be the path you take?

The role that you believe to be your “dream” job may not actually be attainable at the moment, and that is okay. This is when you need to be steadfast in your pursuit. Just because you have yet to attain a necessary skill set for the role or there are other circumstances that are keeping you from getting it, taking just anything is unacceptable. You need to position yourself correctly at these times, finding an acceptable position that will meet some of your requirements, but also allow you to progress toward your end goals. This may not be easy or the preferred route but, sometimes that is what life requires.