Summer seems to be the typical time of year where most people enjoy more of the nice weather and less of the responsibilities. Whether it be summer vacations, taking more time off from work, pausing their job search – whatever it may be. But the productivity of summer tends to slow down. Therefore a lot of people will pick back up their search once the fall comes around. So we wanted to share a few tips that you can do today, to help kickstart your job search before you actually begin. Check it out.

Reconnect & Update Your Profile

When you’re looking to get back into the job search game, priming your connections is a great place to start. Sift through your LinkedIn and make sure you’re connected with important and relevant contacts. For example, past employers, colleagues, connections you’ve made at networking events, etc. This way when your search does begin, you’ll have people in your network that you can reach out to regarding possible opportunities.

Before doing so, you want to ensure your LinkedIn profile is up to date. Check your profile picture, job experience listed, position, etc. Make sure that all the information is relevant and updated so when you do spark up a conversation – they can quickly and easily see where you’re at and what you’re up to.

Save Jobs That You’re Interested In

Saving/bookmarking jobs before you officially start your search will benefit you in a few ways. You’ll have practiced and mastered (hopefully) the job search process. Full-time/Part-time? Salary? Location? And you’ll start to realize that you have very similar positions saved which will help when you are ready to actually start looking for a job to know what positions you’re really looking for.

Review Your Resume

Along with refreshing your LinkedIn, it’s smart to review your resume. Is your experience up to date? Your address? Email? The dates of your job experience? Any updates that need to be changed; this is a great time to do it before you start your job search. That way when you are ready to start looking for jobs – all the busy work is done.

Plan Your Search

With the fall being a busy time of year – for parents, and especially winding down from summer – you want to make sure you are scheduling in time for your job search.  Without allotting time for your search it will quickly unintentionally become last priority. Look at your weekly schedule and find small blocks of time that you have to allocate sitting down and starting your search. Even if they are short 30-minute bursts at a time.


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