2017 New Year

With the New Year only a day away, many people will be making New Years’s resolutions in an attempt to make positive change in 2017. While you may have personal health or social goals, you should also consider your career. Therefore, this week’s links start off with some great ways for you to shape your career into something you’re proud of.

Mature Job Seeker? Here Are the 3 Most Power-packed Resolutions You Can Make!

Are you feeling like your job search has just been going through the motions? If so, this article will help you revitalize that search. It’s easy to get comfortable in the same routine as a job seeker. Read over this article and make sure you do all you can to get yourself employed in the New Year.

4 Rules for Building a Successful Career

Theodore Henderson is an author, speaker, and career coach who specializes in developing professionals. In this article, he shares his best tips for being successful in your career. While the article is quite extensive, it’s certainly worth the read. Formulate your own plan for success based on his framework and you’ll be headed in the right direction.

The 25 Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Chrome

While you may know how to copy and paste (Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V), you’re likely not familiar with most of these other shortcuts. If you’re someone who spends a lot of time on the web at work, I can guarantee there is a shortcut you will find useful in this bunch.

The 45 Questions You Should Ask in Every Job Interview

Firstly, I would recommend you not try and ask all of them in one sitting. Despite what the title may imply, these are questions you should pick and choose from. Some may be answered in the job description, or before your interview. However, they are all good baseline questions you would like to know as a potential job candidate.

12 Signs You’re a Terrible Employee – Even if it Doesn’t Feel Like It

Do you find yourself constantly passed over for promotions and raises at work? If you’ve had trouble getting positive recognition, you may need to accept the fact that there are things you could do better. While you may not hit all 12 points, try to improve anything that seems familiar to you on the list.

A Robot is Coming for Your Job

There has been much discussion about the role automation will play in the job market. Many assume it will take over jobs that require little training. However, in this article Aiden Livingston provides an alternative opinion on why automation means you should step up your game in your job.

5 Classic Career Rules You’ll be Forced to Break

Lastly, this link offers another unique opinion. Conflicting with some traditional job advice, this article has been updated for the modern job market. Traditional job advice may no longer suggest the best course of action. Also, what used to be a faux pas may now be acceptable for a job seeker to do. If you’re looking for some unique career advice, this is the link for you.

We hope you enjoy the final Link Roundup from 2016! 2017 is a brand new year and a fantastic opportunity to find the job you love.