Woman on her computer starting a job search with coffee.

This week, our links are all about getting prepared for a job search. Whether you’re employed or unemployed, there is great advice here for anyone looking to find a new job. However, to kickoff our Link Roundup, we have some advice to keep you healthy and alert once you land that job.

6 Reasons Why Your Bedtime Routine is Wrecking Your Work

This article hails from Hubspot’s marketing blog, but the information is applicable to anyone. If you’ve ever felt as if your work has suffered because of your sleep habits, this may be your answer. Whether or not you realize it, some of your habits may be hurting the quality of your sleep, and in turn affecting your work.  If you’ve ever felt tired at work, check out this article for some reasons why that may be, along with some preventative help. Also consider checking out our blog, 7 Steps to Stop Feeling Tired at Work.

This Simple Note Card Trick Could Help You Make Your Next Career Move

While the days of the rolodex are long gone, the index card may still have some staying power. Follow this link and you will be treated to some quality advice from career expert Jon Acuff. He has a very easy exercise you can do with just 6 note cards. Once you’ve finished, you may look at your job search in a new way. Check it out!

6 Tips For Improving Your Digital Job Search While You’re Unemployed

Are you prepared to bring your job search into the digital landscape? Whether or not you said yes, this article has a great guide to doing so. Fast Company’s Susan Joyce examines a typical digital job search in a new way. It’s important to realize just how wide your presence is on the web, and how it makes others perceive you.

How to Brand Yourself For A Career Change

It’s very easy to get lost in transition when looking to start a new career. Changing careers is in some cases more difficult than having a completely fresh start. You carry knowledge and skills from another field to a new one. It’s not likely they’ll all be relevant, so you have to consider what’s worth discussing. This article from Forbes will help you properly represent yourself to make that change.

9 Conversations to Have Before Searching For a New Job

It’s easy to try and think of all the things you have to do before you start your job search. What may not cross your mind is who you talk to. Networking and connections play such a large role in the hiring process, to discount your network base would be silly. It’s also important to consider aspects of the new role, and how they impact those in your life. Make sure you discuss your search with others. They may help put you on the right track in your job search.

LinkedIn Data Reveals the Most Promising Jobs of 2017

Since LinkedIn has access to so many professional accounts and job postings, they have a lot of data to work with. This allows them to anticipate job opening growth, as well as how likely career advancement is. Check to see if your job title makes the list, and at the very least see what happens when LinkedIn harnesses all the data available to them.

7 Career Misconceptions That Are Killing 20-Somethings’ Potential

This is a fantastic article for recent graduates. For anyone in their 20s, make sure you give this article a read. While it’s easy to shrug off the importance of your first 10 or so years in the job market, they are crucial to your future. Make sure you have the right mindset to build yourself a foundation for a successful career in the future.

The 5 Things You Should Do as Soon as You Put in Your Two Weeks’ Notice

When you’ve given your two weeks’ notice, you probably have a lot on your mind. It’s hard to think of everything you should be doing to prepare for your next step. Let The Muse do the guesswork, and check out this article. These 5 points are all extremely straightforward, but may slip your mind during the transition. Read this article if you want to make a graceful exit from your place of employment.

We hope this week’s advice aided you in getting ready for a job search! It can certainly be intimidating, but thankfully there is a wealth of resources online for anyone looking. Make sure you check back on our blogs in the future, and look forward to another Link Roundup next Friday!