It’s Friday once again so we have another set of high-quality links for your viewing pleasure! Each link has been selected for it’s relevance to job searching and career building! This week’s articles mostly focus on job searching, but there are a few other relevant news developments. If any of the aformentioned topics intrigue you, read on to find out knowledge this week’s set of links hold!

Microsoft’s LinkedIn to Be Like Facebook for Careers, Gates Says

LinkedIn’s recent acquisition by Microsoft has turned a lot of heads and piqued a lot of interest, and with good reason. LinkedIn is the leading professional social network, and acts for many as a great way to get their name online and market themselves. However, Microsoft acquiring the brand may change the way the site acts. Looking out for changes would be wise for anyone actively searching for jobs.

8 Reasons to Start a Job Search Even if You’re Happily Employed

Despite how great a current job may be, an employee should always be searching. This article discusses a few key warning signs to look out for. Recognizing these warning sings will make it much easier to transition smoothly once out of a job.

How Social Networks Impact Your Job Search

In the digital world we all live in, an online presence plays a large role in our everyday lives. This includes careers and job searching. Many hiring managers may pass over a candidate simply because they don’t have any social profiles. Hiring managers like to use these networks to get a feel for the candidates they are reaching out to. Knowing what to do will give seekers a big advantage.

Are Recruiters Really Working for You?

This article hits close to home for us at Walrath Recruiting and provides some good perspective for any candidates utilizing recruiting services. If you plan on working with a recruiter, this contains some valuable perspective.

The Chocolate Bar Resume Is Still a Surefire Way of Getting Noticed in a Job Search

This article focuses on a job candidate who is looking to make themselves stand out in a notably delicious way. Renata Chunderbalsingh has been handing out resume chocolate bars to potential hiring managers. The jury is out on our recruiters whether they would recommend it, but we wouldn’t mind the tasty treat!

10 Job Search Strategies for Unemployed Executives

No matter how high up the totem pole an employee may be, they’re never immune to job loss. This article from the Biz Journals discusses how C-Suite executives can start to look for jobs and get back on the market. It’s specific, but a large amount of the advice is generally applicable.

Every Job is Temporary If You Wait Long Enough

Firstly, this article isn’t attempting to depress you, it’s simply being realistic about the current situation with the job market. Career positions are no longer guaranteed for a long tenure, and being mindful of that will make sure you’re in the right mindset. If you’re curious about figuring out just how temporary a job may be, don’t miss the previous article for spotting warning signals.

Finally, that’s it for this week’s link roundup! We hope they help you in your professional life, and we’ll return next Friday with more!