Happy Friday! We’re  once again gathering all the best links we’ve seen over the past 5 days. The link roundup this week includes some LinkedIn tips, career advice from a curious celebrity, and more. Most importantly, check out this week’s links after the jump!

Why President Obama Joking About Finding a Job on LinkedIn is No Joke

In a recent briefing to the press, President Obama discussed the ending of his tenure as the main man in the White House. President Obama also noted that in a few months he’ll be on the job market and is going to, “get on LinkedIn and see what comes up”. Although this was said in jest, LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful tool. Inc.’s writer John Brandon discusses why President Obama really should consider LinkedIn, and it makes for a great read.

LinkedIn Must-Haves (And a Few Boosters) To Give Your Career the Lift it Needs

If the POTUS has a presence on LinkedIn, you probably should too. This article outlines a few things job seekers can do to supercharge their LinkedIn profiles to give them an edge. It may not let you reach the number of followers the President has on his profile, however, it may find you your next job.

Dissecting the Job Posting

While we’ve all looked at job postings, you may not have been looking at them with the right mindset. Most job postings are straightforward. However, you may be missing out on the most important pieces of information. This article will help you develop a critical lens to see postings in a new light.

How to Tell a Cohesive Career Story When You’ve Done a Little Bit of Everything

Whether you’re fresh on the job hunt or have been working for awhile, everyone runs the risk of a jumbled resume history. It’s important that despite this your resume tells a cohesive story. This can be done by focusing on answering 3 questions with your resume. Can you do it, do you want to to do it, and are you right for it?  Tailoring your resume so you can respond with a resounding yes to all those questions will put you ahead in the stack. This article will tell you how to do it!

The Former CEO of a $34 Billion Company Says You Should Always Do 2 Things When Starting a New Job

Despite the extremely clickbait title, there is some very valuable advice inside. Former CEO of Yum Brands David Novak gives two pieces of career advice useful to anyone starting in a new position.

5 Lessons From Angelina Jolie on How to Make a Career Change

Although these lessons aren’t coming directly from Jolie herself, the author looks at her career for inspiration. The actor turned director/humanitarian has done a wide variety of things in her life. Even if you’re not looking for your Hollywood break, looking at all Jolie has accomplished is both inspirational and motivational.

Blogging Success: 100 Experts Share Their Greatest Accomplishment

This blog post collects the response of 100 bloggers to the question, “As a blogger, what is your greatest accomplishment”. As a blogger or not, it is extremely interesting to see where people attribute their success. You may even be inspired to start your own blog, which is a great resource whether it’s personal or professional!

How to Quit Your Job in Style: Career Saving Etiquette

On the off chance that you find yourself in a situation where you’re leaving your current place of employment by choice, check this out. It details a few things you can do to make sure you leave on a positive note, and maintain connections. Although you’re leaving, those relationships will likely be valuable in the future.

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