On this week’s Link Roundup, we look into the effect of ‘gig’ jobs on the workforce and potential legislation, some networking advice, as well as advice for hiring. If any of those topics sounds interesting, (and even if not) read on to find out what links we liked enough to share this week.

Gigs With Benefits

With the rise of companies like Uber, Lyft, Instacart, and other similar services, the ‘gig’ job culture is on the rise. After discussing a recent lawsuit, this article looks into the past. Similar issues have arisen with contractors, and they provide some background to the current situation. A great read for anyone with stake in the gig market.

Exclusive Survey: The Future of Work in America

Next, this article looks more towards the future with the implications of job market shifts. Gig job culture is having a large impact on how companies consider hiring. What defines ’employee’ will continue to shift over the next few years. Knowing what this means is helpful to any professional.

10 Networking Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

If you’re an entrepreneur, making meaningful professional connections can be challenging. These ten tips are extremely helpful for not only entrepreneurs, but anyone in the workforce. Simple advice, like a written thank you note go a long way. Check out this post to make sure you’re networking in your best capacity.

7 Face-to-Face Networking Mistakes That Could Kill Your Professional Image

Within our digital world online and technology based communication is extremely prevalent. It’s very easy to become reliant on these forms of communication. However, face to face is still the best way to communicate and network when possible. This article discusses a few no nos you may have forgotten since the last networking event you attended.

Stop Hiring Yourself. You’ve Already Got One of Those.

For anyone in a position with hiring power, it’s very easy to fall into this trap. As an employee or employer, we tend to like people who are the most similar to ourselves. In a hiring capacity, however, hiring like minded or similar personalities may not be the best choice. This short and sweet article discusses the advantages of diversity, and how conflicting viewpoints can birth great ideas.

3 Hiring Lessons You Need to Learn From Goldman Sachs’ Big Changes

Despite hiring being in the title, these changes are good for anyone on the job market to know. Goldman Sachs has learned from other large forward thinking companies. They’re no longer looking at candidates with Banking, Finance, or Accounting degrees. They’re starting to look at liberal arts students, choosing to focus on work culture and motivational fits instead of strictly experience.

Make Your Life Easier: 4 Parts of the Job Search You Can Put on Autopilot

This article is written by an extremely lazy job searcher who, through their laziness, has optimized how they job search. While we won’t recommend the relaxed approach, the automated notifications recommended in the article are great resources.

Why It’s Critical to Impress Your Recruiter

While this article may simply seem self indulgent for us to link to, it gives some great advice on working with a recruiter, and what they’re really trying to do for you. A good recruiter will go to bat for you, and knowing how to strengthen that relationship is great for any job seeker.

Words to Avoid on Your Resume

Lastly, to end on a fun note, this Forbes link tells you what buzz words to avoid on your resume with a series of goofy images. It will keep you laughing, but you’d do well to heed some of the great advice on each slide. Phrases that were popular in the past have fallen out of favor. Click through this link to make sure your resume is current with the terminology!

That’s all we have for this Friday! We hope you find some good advice or philosophies in the links shared. Look forward to our next posting on Monday!