Welcome back to our Weekly Link Roundup! This week we’re looking at everything from the downside of following your career passion all the way to feline job security. If anything between the range of those two topics interests you, read on!

Why “Follow Your Passion” is Still the Worst Career Advice Ever

This title is sure to light fire in some who have followed their passions and found success, but Mark Babbitt’s philosophy isn’t a complete absence of passion from career and work life. Instead he suggests finding your passion instead of following it. People who are able to find passion in the work they are doing now tend to get ahead of those that wait for it to strike them, Babbitt believes.

How to Stay Relevant in an Ever-Changing Job Market

This article and many others start out by stressing the need for you to establish your brand as a worker. While it may seem silly initially, having a great sense of self worth can go a long way in your career. This is just the beginning of a few great tips offered in this article. It’s more basic in it’s recommendations, which makes it approachable for anyone looking for guidance.

Why You Should Always Go Off-Script in a Job Interview

Although we’ve stressed this in some of our own blogs, it’s always worth mentioning. Practicing and preparing for interviews should absolutely be done. However, you don’t want to go so far as to sound robotic and automated. Personality is a big factor in interviews, and if you’re too rehearsed you run the risk of it not shining through. Make sure you do more general preparation for interview questions so you can answer and adapt natrually in the conversation.

A Blackstone Managing Director’s Big ‘Aha’ Moment Changed How She Viewed Her Career

Last week one of our articles discussed how a woman negotiated a pay increase of almost $20,000. A realization by Blackstone Managing Director Joan Solotar revolved around a similar epiphany. Despite working extremely hard and always being on task, it still may not be enough to get a promotion. Sometimes you have to be proactive and chase after it.

Ok, Jenna, Tell Us Everything: Career Advice From J.Crew President and Creative Director Jenna Lyons

Jenna Lyons has a great story to tell about her career at J.Crew. Starting out as an assistant, she worked her way up to become the President of the company. In this Glamour article, Lyons talks about her work philosophy, and how she stays motivated.

4 Job-Search Myths that Can Hold You Back From Your Dream Job

Job advice that would’ve been correct a few years ago has now fallen out of truth, but some still carry on as myths. Knowing what these myths are can help you as an employee or job seeker to know that you should and shouldn’t believe.

Are You Giving Off Signs You’re A Desperate Job Seeker?

If you find yourself doing any of these 10 things while looking for a job – cease and desist. They’re not illegal, but any of these actions are likely to have huge negative impact on your likelihood of securing a position. If there is even the slightest chance you’re desperate, make sure you read this list. If anything hits too close to home, it’s time make a change.

Beloved Cat Will Keep His Job at the Local Library After international Backlash

Lastly, to end on a positive note, we can all rest easy hearing this news regarding job security. Browser, a cat employed by a local library to keep a lid on their rodent problem will not be downsized after all. Despite an initial motion by the Mayor of a small town in Texas, huge backlash changed the minds of city council. The Mayor received as many as 1,500 emails to make sure the cat retained his position at the library.
We hope you found some helpful advice, or at least comforting solace in the story of Browser. As always, look forward to another group of links next Friday. We’ll be discussing what an employee can do to get noticed at work next Monday. Until then, enjoy the weekend!