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It’s easy to ponder how great other job opportunities are. However, the ‘grass is always greener’ mentality applies to jobs as well. It can be hard to tell if finding a new job is a worthwhile pursuit. To better inform such a big decision, we’ve gathered some resources and articles below. This week’s links also have some great advice on networking, and include some interesting data from a recent LinkedIn study. If any of that sounds beneficial to you, check out the links below!

Here’s What the Perfect Resume Looks Like

Updating a resume is no small task, and writing one from scratch is incredibly intimidating. It’s much easier to do when aided by a template, or a resume to reference. Thankfully Glassdoor has provided a great resource for anyone updating or composing their resume. It’s a great basic foundation that will allow you to easily fill in your own particular qualifications and experience. If you need a helping hand working on your resume, this should provide all the guidance you need.

Your Connections Matter Most in These Industries, According to LinkedIn

Networking and referrals are touted as one of the best ways to find a job. When you have someone vouching for you, you are more likely to move up in the hiring process. However, not all industries were created in equal in terms of referral power. Wondering if you’ve been wasting time networking? This article should provide peace of mind, or confirm your suspicions. The study found that for highly specialized and extensively trained fields networking is the most valuable. Check out the full article to find out when networking may not be as important.

Networking is More Than Card Collecting

Now that you know if your industry values referrals, it’s important to understand the best approach to making those connections. Many professionals get caught up in collecting cards that they lose sight of the main goal: forging true connections. This is definitely a suggested read, as it will help you break some of the pre-conceived notions you may have regarding networking.

Summer is Hottest For Hiring in Two Years, LinkedIn Study Shows

A new study carried out by LinkedIn shows some trends in the job market, specifically the strength of summer hiring. From the previous year, June hiring shot up 12.1%, showing the confidence of many companies in hiring during the summer months. All data utilized in the study is from it’s huge userbase of professionals. For a full breakdown of the statistics, head on over to LinkedIn’s blog.

8 Signs Your Job Is Making You Unhappy

We all have bad days at work, but when it’s a trend instead of an anomaly it’s cause for concern. This article from Business Insider lists eight signs that indicate it might be time to look for a new job. It’s straight to the point (the first on the list is ‘you hate all of your coworkers’) and if you agree with a majority of the indicators, you might want to start looking at job boards. If you’re still not sure though, check out the next link.

QUIZ: Should I Look For A New Job or Stay Put?

Feeling like you may want to leave your job, but not enough so to make a decision? If so, this quick 10 question quiz will help you evaluate that choice. With just a few clicks you’ll get an assessment on your situation. If you should stay and try and go for a promotion, or if that ship has sailed. Even if you don’t take the advice, it will inform the decision you make down the road.

How Millennials Are Shaping The Hiring Process

In recent years the Millennial Generation has slowly been entering the job market, and they are making big waves. Whenever a huge influx of a new generation enters the job market, they collectively hold a lot of bargaining power. This power allows them to shape the workforce, including how employees are brought on board. If you’re wondering what shifts have already taken place this article examines the biggest impacts the Millennial Generation has had already.

On Your Side Alert: Woman Warns of Scammers in Online Job Search

With the popularity of online job boards, it’s no surprise that they are being utilized by scammers to prey on unsuspected job seekers. This story from NBC tells an all too common story of a woman in Virginia who came close to being scammed on Indeed.com. Whenever you are looking online for a job, always be skeptical if you are requested to send in any highly confidential material before meeting someone. It’s extremely unusually to have to have to send in a copy of your social security card before you even sign any paperwork. Always be vigilant when looking for jobs online!

That’s it for this week! We hope some of the articles and links above aided you in your decision to either leave or stay at your job. It can be a tough choice to make, but at some point it is best to make a decision. We’ll be back next week with another set of links!