Welcome back again to another weekly link roundup! This week we’ll be looking at the best companies to work for, resume blunders, and some great tips to promote a blog, whether it is personal or company. If any of these topics interest you, check out the links below, enjoy!

LinkedIn Top Attractors

When you’re on the job search, there are certain companies you dream of hearing back from. In this spirit, LinkedIn has compiled a list of their 40 Top Attractors. Based on data they’ve collected, these 40 companies are the best at attracting great workers, and keeping them around.

Which Fake Movie Companies Would Make the Best Employers

In a much less data driven way, A.V. Club has done their own analysis on the best companies to work for. However, they’re all fictional. So this link may not be as useful for your job search, but it’s fun to compare fictional work environments!

These Are the Companies with the Best Work-Life Balance

As we all know, it can be tough to strike a good balance between work and personal life. Recently, Indeed gathered information on Fortune 500 companies, and crunched the numbers to find which had the best balance. As it turns out, the industries present on the list are incredibly diverse, and may shock you! Do you think you know which companies show up? Check out the list and let us know how you did.

How to Pick a Winner – Career Selection for Students and New Graduates

This article has some great advice for any young job seekers recently on the job market. One of the best bits refers to the wiseness of Yoda’s training method in Star Wars with Luke, and how it can be applied to job seekers. If any of the describers in the title fits you, make sure you click through to this article!

A Career Expert Says This is One of the Biggest Resume Mistakes Young People Make

This is another extremely helpful article for anyone new to the job market. It stresses that instead of attempting to blend in with your resume, you should be trying to stand out. This isn’t the only great piece of advice offered in the article, so if the above tip helped you, click through for more.

29 Article Promotion Strategies That Got Me 97 Backlinks & 589 Shares in Under 30 Days

Are you someone looking to get a start on your professional blog? Or perhaps developing a company blog? This is a great place to start. This exhaustive list is extremely comprehensive and should get you off to a great start with plenty of traffic. Thanks to Andrew Wise for sharing his article with us on optimizing your blog for traffic!

Scientists Explain All of Your Dumb Hiring Decisions

We should clarify we’re not pointing any fingers with this title. However, if you are having any trouble filling a position, don’t hesitate to contact us! The main point this article makes is that most hiring managers go through the hiring process with cognitive bias. We are already predisposed to the type of people we’d like to hire. Read through these comprehensive steps to make sure you’re not falling victim any common mistakes.

That’s all we have for this week. We hope you enjoyed the advice and offerings from this week, and we’ll be back next time with more fresh links!