This week’s Link Roundup will cover a wide range of topics including, job security, management no nos, and how to ask for a pay increase. With such a wide variety of subjects, there should be a link to please everyone reading about career topics. Without further adieu, check out the links below!

Private Sector Job Growth

This week’s first link can thankfully start off with some good news. Despite the dropoff of jobs available in May, June showed strong growth, even more than expected. The article also gives a great overview of anticipated job trends for the rest of the year.

4 Signs it’s Time to Look for a New Job

We’ve all been in this situation. You tell yourself “I need the money” or, “I can deal with having a disagreeable boss” or even, “My job isn’t supposed to be fulfilling at this point in my career”. We go to great lengths to make excuses for ourselves  to stay in our current position. However, if any of these signs show up as red flags for you, it’s time to at least consider starting a job search.

4 Reasons Hiring Managers Choose the Other Candidates Over You

If you’ve been on the job search for a while, there’s a few reasons you may not be getting the offers you’re looking for. If you’ve ever felt like you landed the job after nailing the interview but later found out you weren’t chosen, this article may have some answers for you.

How One Woman Negotiated Nearly a $20,000 Pay Increase

Whether you’re looking into a new position or enjoying your current job, you should always know what you’re worth. This story of how a woman negotiated a huge salary increase is a great story. While it won’t always work, you should always advocate for yourself if you know you are a valued employee.

For Older Workers, Getting a New Job is a Crapshoot

Personally I wouldn’t have used the term ‘crapshoot’. However, this article provides a great look into the complexities of age discrimination. It also goes fairly in depth into the legal precedents that have been set. If you find yourself in the category of a 50+ worker, this is worth a look.

10 Things a Good Manager Won’t Ask Employees To Do

In the course of a career, an employee will likely run into all sorts of managers. Hands-on, open door, lead by example, etc. Although leaderships styles can differ, there are a few things no manager should ever ask of their employees. If you’ve experienced any of these, you may want to start planning an exit strategy.

6 Rules to Follow When Hiring Your Friends

Lastly, it can be both incredibly rewarding and challenging to work with friends. Although the initial thought may be that it would bring a great energy and degree of fun to work, it’s not easy to make work. As friends, it’s great to be comfortable and relaxed with each other. However, in the workplace, when this leads to deadlines being missed and goals forgotten, it’s much less appealing. To avoid the headaches of working with friends, check out this article.

That’s it for this week! We hope you enjoyed our favorite links from this week. Happy Friday, and enjoy your weekend!