This week’s assortment of links are quite fun, but they also hold some valuable information. If you’re looking to spruce up your desk with some toys, we can help.  However, we’ll also provide some links to fill you in on job market trends. Most importantly, for any freelancers or gig based workers, LinkedIn has a new tool that could help you get more work. Check out all of the links after the jump.

The Comeback of Middle-Wage Jobs

A recent study done by the Federal Reserve Bank of NY found that middle wage workers are currently experiencing the fastest growth in the job market. This means more positions are opening up in the $30,000 – $60,000 range. The article does note that the middle wage of today is different than that of old. Many middle wage positions now require more education than in the past. This is representative of the overall job market however.

Pros and Cons of Job Hopping: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

The overall job market has shifted considerably, and most workers in the US are staying in their jobs for a much shorter time. A majority of this is because many employees are dedicated to continuously improving themselves. If they reach a point in which their learning plateaus, they will consider leaving. This article carefully breaks down the positives and negatives of being a job hopper. For anyone considering leaving a company, this is a great read.

How to Prepare for a Remote Career

With all the buzz around ’employee engagement’, employers are offering new and different options for workers. This means a large shift in focus to remote positions. Employers realize top talent may not be within a reasonable commute, but still want to hire them. Remote work allows new options for both employers and employees. If you’re considering remote work or starting a remote position, this article offers some great ideas on getting ready for the change.

10 Resume Mistakes That Could Cost You Your Next Job

This post on 10 common resume mistakes may cover what you already know, especially if you’ve been following our blogs. However, a refresher is always good, especially if you’re still searching. The tip that stands out here is not sending the same resume to everyone. Every job is different, so why would you treat them like they’re the same?

The Most Attractive Jobs in New York, According to Tinder Swipes

Every week, at Walrath Recruiting we post our ‘hot jobs’. These are open positions that our clients are really intent on filling. However, this article will make you rethink the term ‘hot job’. Tinder recently allowed listing occupations on user profiles. This data reveals what occupations were swiped right the most out of all occupations in New York State. Wondering if your job made the list? Click through to find out.

18 Stress-Relieving Toys That’ll Fit on Your Desk

Long hours, impossible projects, hard to meet deadlines, and office disagreements are all big contributors to your stress level. If you’ve got some free desk space, check out these neat de-stressing toys. Next time you’re struggling to think of a new way to sell your products or services, you could give your Light Bulb Stress Ball a few squeezes. While they may not make sense for you based on your office culture, it’s fun to take a look!

LinkedIn Enters the Gig Economy With an Upwork Competitor

LinkedIn is trying to tap into revenue from the gig and freelance economy by launching LinkedIn Profinder. This new tool allows employers to seek out freelancers for their short term contract positions. It’s likely freelancers will see much more attention on their profiles now. Currently a professional can submit 10 proposals to seeking companies for free. After those 10, they will be required to upgrade their LinkedIn subscription to $60 per month.

Strategy 101: The Importance of Video Marketing: Part 1

This article by Magnifi discusses the importance of having a dedicated avenue of marketing videos for your company, and showcases the impact. For any employees working in marketing this is an important consideration to make. For job seekers this should also be kept in mind. Certain companies accept video resumes, which is more humanizing than your typical paper resume.